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Education - April 4, 2022

MPO enrollment for 2500 edu institutions after Eid

Staff Correspondent: About 7,500 schools, colleges, madrasas and technical institutes across the country have applied for the new MPO. Of these, about 2,500 institutions have fulfilled all the conditions as per the MPO registration policy. Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni wants to finalize the list before Eid. With the approval of the Prime Minister, the list of new MPO registered educational institutions will be published by May.
Yesterday a meeting was organized at the Ministry of Education regarding the registration of new educational institutions. The Minister of Education was present at the meeting. All concerned including the verification and selection committee of the MPO registration of the educational institution were present there.
According to meeting sources, the education minister wants to see the draft list before the committee. Want to know the status of any organization added to this list.
After looking at the list, the education minister said that there should not be any irregularity in the case of MPO registration of educational institutions. He directed to add the names of those who will fulfill the conditions as per the policy. The minister has been asked to submit the draft list to the minister within the next two weeks.
An official of the Ministry of Education, who did not want to be named, said that about 4,500 applications came from general schools and colleges and about 3,000 from technical and madrasas for the new educational institutions. From there, the members of the committee are adding the names of two and a half thousand organizations which have got the correct information by fulfilling the conditions and checking and sorting. The education minister has instructed to re-verify some of the listed institutions.
Asked about this to Fauzia Jafrin, convener of the MPO Verification and Selection Committee of the private educational institution and Additional Secretary (Secondary-II) of the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education told Daily Industry that the work of making our list is in the final stage. The draft may be finalized before Eid. The Minister of Education will announce when the list will be published.
He said that according to the MPO registration policy, the names of those organizations who have fulfilled the required conditions and the information received by the field officials have been confirmed. We are trying our best not to make mistakes. A meeting may be held again in the next one to two weeks. Once the education minister finalizes the draft list, it will be sent to the Prime Minister for approval. It will be released only after the approval of the Prime Minister.
He further said that all the educational institutions which have applied have been checked and selected by the concerned deputy commissioner, we have checked and selected ourselves. Information has been brought through the concerned education board. Institutions whose conditions have been met and found to be correct in the screening have been added to the draft list. It will be handed over to the Minister of Education. He will determine the number of institutions according to the allotted amount and send it to the Prime Minister.

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