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attractive tourist spot
Tourism - January 26, 2022

Nijhum Dwip becomes
attractive tourist spot

600-meter wooden bridge additional attraction

Roving Correspondent: Blue sky above, clear water below. In the middle of it stands a huge wooden bridge of 600 meters. The long bridge is now an additional attraction for tourists from Noakhali’s Hatiyar Nijhum Dwip (Island) to see the breathtaking natural scenery of Meghna.
Every day thousands of tourists from different parts of the country enter Nimar Bazaar on Nijhum Island with a wooden bridge and take pictures and videos. Which is spreading through various social media.
Recently, it was seen that a huge wooden bridge of 600 meters has been built with a wooden deck. There are occasional tents on the bridge. Bhramanpipasura sitting and resting in the camp. Wherever the eye goes from the bridge is just water and water. Some are jumping into the water for a bath again. Especially tourists come to see the last afternoon sunset. The view of the sunset makes the shore environment more pleasant.
Talking to Mehdi Hasan Maruf, a tourist visiting Nijhum Island. He told that the whole Nijhum Island is very beautiful and picturesque. Twelve of us have come here to tour together.
Going to the end of the 800-meter-long bridge on the beach, I saw the environment differently. The sunset can also be enjoyed from the end of the bridge.
Afif Hasan, who came to visit from Dhaka, said that he came to enjoy the scene after hearing the story of the captivating scene on Facebook and many others. “The atmosphere is great,” he said. If this area is planned to be tourist friendly, then more tourists will come here to visit.
Another tourist, Arafat Zaman, said that Nijhum Island is a wonderful creation of God. Huge forest, Keoral forest, sea water and secluded beaches. All in all, it is a green land of infinite beauty.
Hatiyar Nijhum Island UP Chairman Nurul Afshar Dinaj told, “We have taken initiative to build this huge wooden bridge of 600 meters to make the natural beauty of the huge beach of the island more attractive.” Which is helping the tourists to enjoy a different view.
Besides, various initiatives have been taken for the safety of tourists. The government has taken special plan to attract domestic as well as foreign tourists. The people’s representative also said that there is 100 percent security on Nijhum Island.
Hatia Upazila Chairman Mahbub Morshed Liton said the breathtaking beauty of Nijhum Island would captivate any tourist. Many more tourists come here now as the environment is better than before. More and more good hotels and motels need to be set up for them to stay. So that people who are thirsty for travel, when they come to enjoy the beauty of Nijhumdwip, there is no difficulty in staying and eating.
Hatia Upazila Nirbahi Officer-in-Charge Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mohammad Shahjahan told that the government had long ago declared Nijhum Island a national park. The government has undertaken various projects to make this area tourist friendly.

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