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Bangladesh - February 12, 2022

No political influenced
in election commission

Urge eminent citizens

Staff Correspondent: The search committee has been informed that no politically privileged person should get a chance in the Election Commission, said Dhaka University Law Department Dr. Asif Nazrul. “We all got a chance to talk,” he said. We all said that those who get the opportunity in the Election Commission should not be the special beneficiaries of any previous government.
Asif Nazrul made the remarks after a meeting of eminent citizens with the search committee held at the Supreme Court yesterday.
Asif Nazrul said, “We can’t have 100% confidence from previous experience. However, we have said that the names of the 10 people that the search committee will recommend to the President, their names should be made public earlier. Then maybe the issue of trust and distrust will come up.
Former cabinet secretary Ali Imam Majumder gave the same opinion in the meeting. Leaving the meeting, he said, “I have recommended that no privileged person should get a seat in the Election Commission under any party government. Many people have supported my demand.”
Dr. Asif Nazrul said, “As you know, through contract recruitment, by super setting, by increasing the working hours, different governments often increase the benefits of many and those who have taken the side of any political party after retirement, such people should not come to the Election Commission.” Of course, those who come to the Election Commission should have the mentality, courage and personality to hold a fair election.
He said the names of all those accepted in the commission should be made public. If 30 people are selected, if anyone knows about them that they have supported a political party or who has spoken for or against a political party in a talk show, then the people can say that they should be excluded.
“It simply came to our notice then that the search committee was listening. But we will understand how much it will keep after announcing the name,”said Asif Nazrul.
Asked if he had given any name, he said, “No name has been given by us.” We just said on what basis people should be taken and what should not be taken.
Asked what kind of confidence you have, he said, “We can’t have 100% confidence from previous experience.” Besides, there was disagreement in the society about the formation of inquiry committee. We are talking about the identity of the tree. However, we have said that the names of the 10 people who will be recommended for the post of Election Commissioner should be announced in advance. Then maybe the issue of trust and distrust will come.
“Every time I have talked to this government before, they have not said anything,” he said. This time too I am optimistic or pessimistic whether you look at the past history, look at what is being done in the future, then you will understand.
Asked if he would be restricted in coming and going again, he said, “We don’t want to be limited in coming and going.” But there are various reasons for our frustration and doubt. If we talk from outside, you will tell us why we did not come in and talk. We thank them for inviting us. We are not here to eat or talk.
We came to see that our opinions and suggestions are well received. The key is to get an election commission that is strong and impartial. We have no choice but to hope. Earlier, the meeting started at 11:25 am in the seminar room of the Supreme Court. Although 20 people were invited to the meeting, 14 people attended.
A six-member search committee headed by Justice Obaidul Hasan of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court was constituted on January 5 to form the Election Commission (EC) under the Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners Appointment Act, 2022.
According to the law, the committee has to submit its recommendation to the President within 15 working days. The Cabinet Division is providing secretarial assistance to the committee.
The term of the current Election Commission headed by KM Nurul Huda is coming to an end on February 14. The newly formed search committee will make recommendations to the President to form a new Election Commission through the appointment of a Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and four Election Commissioners.

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