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Bangladesh - April 23, 2024

No water, despite spening hundreds of crore Taka

Teesta irrigation project

Mohiuddin Farazi: Due to lack of water, more than 39 thousand hectares of land in the Teesta irrigation project area is out of irrigation. Although there is no guarantee of water in this project, the Teesta irrigation project is being renovated and expanded at a cost of about Tk 1,500 crores. However, without ensuring the justice of water and implementing the master plan, spending a huge amount of money is just a waste.
Teesta is one of the mainstays of life and livelihood of nearly two crore people in the north due to lack of water. The average flow of water in the monsoon season is 2 lakh cusecs but in the dry season it is 2000 cusecs.
But sometimes it comes down to 500 cusecs. This has disrupted the life of Teesta Par, threatened biodiversity, environment and environment.
However, after the completion of the first phase in 1990, depending on Teesta water, 84,378 hectares of agricultural land was supposed to be irrigated. But the desired target was never met. The main reason for this is the Teesta, which is dehydrated during the dry season.
Nazrul Islam Haqqani, president of Rangpur Teesta Bachao, Nadi Bachao Sangram Parishad, said that the main point was that they would dredge the river, connect it to the channel, and build a deep watercourse. Besides, Teesta will bring back the connection with the branch rivers.
What is the future of this project if there is no water in Teesta? Mahbubur Rahman said, ‘This project has been undertaken only after the examination and inspection. We will do whatever we can to overcome. To implement the master plan, we have taken the target of dredging. Where the river is 4-5 km wide, we will bring it to 1600 meters. If the project of this plan is implemented, I may get some back.
In this regard, the director of Riverine Peoples Tuhin Wadud said, if Teesta water is not guaranteed, the huge amount of money being spent behind the Teesta irrigation project will be of no use.
He also said, ‘It is an unplanned work. The Teesta Irrigation Project is being augmented; This is Shubhankar’s evasion. Because where is the water here? Rice production is being encouraged through reforming a canal or lands that can be maize, pepper and potato. We should encourage these activities.
Teesta Irrigation Project Expansion and Renovation Project work is 40 percent completed so far, but due to lack of water, the scope of the project could not be increased. That is why the question is raised, what will be the use of pouring so much money in this project without ensuring the implementation of the Teesta Master Plan or the fair share of water!

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