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Nothing new in budget for Chattogram people

Ayub Ali, Ctg: In the announced budget of the fiscal year 2024-25, an allocation of Tk 17,509.27 crore has been kept for 46 development projects of Chattogram. Analysis shows that almost all the projects that have been allocated are ongoing. There is nothing new.
According to the budget analysis, most of the projects allocated in the budget of the next financial year are ongoing. Chittagong’s most talked about Kalurghat new bridge has not been earmarked. Among the earmarked projects, priority has been given to coal-based power, development of Matarbari port and Dohazari-Ghumdhum railway line project. Also, the Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) has been given priority over the City Corporation in Chattogram in terms of allocation.
Among the development projects allocated in the budget, Tk 7 thousand 253 crore 7 lakh has been allocated for five projects under implementation related to Chittagong under the power department. The second highest allocation is Tk 3,256 crores for two projects of the Ministry of Shipping. Ministry of Housing and Public Works is in third place. Tk 2,460.66 crore has been kept for 8 projects under this ministry. Out of this, Tk 2,233.05 crore is kept for six projects of CDA.
Tk 1,568.85 crore has been allocated for 11 projects under implementation under local government department in Chattogram. Out of this, Tk 600 crore has been kept in two projects of Chittagong WASA and Tk 550 crore has been kept in 5 projects of Chattogram City Corporation (CHSIC). Besides, Tk 1,019.23 crores have been kept for Chattogram Medical University (CMU) establishment project.

When talking about the budget, engineer Subhash Barua, the urban planner and vice-president of the Planned Chittagong Forum, told Daily Industry, “The government will want to complete the half-finished or unfinished works that are currently underway.” That is why allocations have been kept for these projects. However, it was not appropriate not to allocate for the Kalurghat bridge over the Karnaphuli river. Because Tk 18 thousand crore have already been invested in Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar railway project. If there is no new Kalurghat bridge, the benefits of this investment will not be available. That is why national priority should be given to the construction of the new Kalurghat Bridge.
According to the announced budget, among the projects under implementation under the power department in Chittagong, Tk 317 crores in ‘Development of power distribution system in Chittagong zone (2nd stage) (1st revised)’ project, ‘Matarbari 2,600 MW Ultra Super Critical Coal Fired Power Project (1st revised)’ project Tk 6,005.45 crores, Tk 3.38 crores for ‘Madunaghat-Bhulta 765 KV transmission line project including technical assistance including feasibility study’ project, Tk 187.24 crores for ‘Dhaka-Chittagong main power grid straightening project’ and ‘Electricity transmission of Chittagong region’ Expansion and Strengthening of System (1st Revised)’ scheme earmarked Tk 740 crore.
Tk 1,100 crores in the project ‘Matarbari Port Development (Part of Chittagong Port Authority) (1st Revised)’ project and Tk 2 thousand in ‘Matarbari Port Development (Part of Roads and Public Paths Directorate) (1st Revised)’ project through the Chittagong Port Authority under the Ministry of Shipping. Tk 76 crores have been allocated. Apart from this, Tk 80 crore has been allocated for the construction project of Mirsrai and Sandwip of Chittagong, Sonadia Island of Cox’s Bazar and the jetty of Teknaf (Sabrang and Jaliar Island) under implementation through BIWTC.
Chittagong Development Authority
Tk 300 crores under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works under the Chittagong Development Authority for the project ‘Chittagong City Outer Ring Road (Patenga to Sagarika) (4th Revised)’ project, ‘Construction of Elevated Expressway from Lalkhan Bazar to Shah Amanat Airport in Chittagong City (1st Revised)’ Tk 326.72crore, ‘Construction of road along Karnaphuli River from Kalurghat Bridge to Chaktai Canal (2nd Revised)’ project Tk 400 crore, ‘Re-excavation, expansion, renovation and development of canal for Chittagong city waterlogging plan (1st Revised) project Tk 1,156 crore, Tk 10.62crore for ‘Preparation of Chittagong Metropolitan Master Plan Project’ and Tk 39.71crore for ‘Expansion and Development of Important Roads in Chittagong City Project-1’.
Apart from this, Tk 47.55 crore in the project ‘Construction of Government Residential Flats and Dormitory Buildings in Abandoned Houses in Chittagong City’ and ‘Construction of Residential Flats for Government Officials in 36 Abandoned Houses in Chittagong (1st Revised Project)’ were Tk 180.6 crore. Allotment has been kept.
Chittagong Wasa
Among the projects of the local government department, a total allocation of Tk 52 crore has been allocated to Chittagong WASA’s ‘Vandaljuri Water Supply Project (2nd Revised)’ and Tk 548 crore has been allocated to the ‘Chittagram Metropolitan Sewerage System Establishment Project (1st Phase)’ project.
Similarly, Tk 2 crores in Chasik’s ‘Digging of Canal from BahaddarhatBaripara to Karnaphuli River (2nd Revised)’, Tk Tk 50 crores for the project ‘Construction of cleaners’ residence under the jurisdiction’, Tk 101 crores for the project ‘Modernization of City Street Light System at Different Areas under Chittagong City Corporation’ and Tk 395 crores for the project ‘Development of various roads including Airport Road under Chittagong City Corporation and important infrastructure development’ is kept
Besides, Tk 135.85 crore in the ‘Greater Chittagong Rural Infrastructure Development Project-3’ project under implementation through the Directorate of Local Government and Engineering, Tk 12 crore in the ‘Infrastructure Development Project of Patia Municipality of Chittagong District’, Tk 91 crore in the ‘South Chittagong Regional Development Project’ and ‘Chittagong District Development Project’. Tk 180 crores have been allocated for widening and strengthening projects of important upazila and union roads of the department.
Tk 1,453 crores for ‘Construction of single line dual gauge track from Dohazari via Ramu to Cox’s Bazar and from Ramu to Ghumdhum (1st revised)’ project and Tk 2.61 crore for ‘Chittagram-Dohazari meter gauge railway conversion project to dual gauge railway’ have been allocated in the announced budget.
Project of Ministry of Water Resources in Chittagong
Among the projects of Ministry of Water Resources in Chittagong, ‘Bangladesh Economic Zone (BEZA) Flood Control Road cum Embankment Defense and Drainage (2nd Revised) in Mirsarai Upazila of Chittagong District’ project, (Revised)’ project Tk 75 crore, ‘Rangunia and Boalkhali upazila under Chittagong district and Kaptai upazila of Rangamati hill district from erosion of both banks of Karnaphuli and Ichamati and Shilak canal (1st revised)’ project Tk 80 crore, ‘Flood control of Chittagong city, Tk 250 crores for Waterlogging/Waterlogging Relief and Drainage Improvement (1st Revised) Project, Tk 260 crores for ‘Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation Project of Patia Upazila of Chittagong District’, Tk 620 crores for ‘Shrimai Khale Multipurpose Hydraulic Elevator Dam Construction Project of Patia Upazila, Chittagong District’ Tk 25 lakhs and Tk 76.02 crores have been allocated for ‘slope conservation project including permanent rehabilitation of damaged dam of polder number-72 of Sandwip upazila of Chittagong district’.
Department of Road Transport and Highways
Among the projects of the Road Transport and Highways Department in Chittagong, ‘Performance Based Operation and Strengthening (1st Revised) of Four Lane Elevated Dhaka-Chittagong National Highway (Daudkandi-Chittagong Section)’ project, Tk 74.82 crore for the project ‘Upgradation of Link Road to Four Lanes (Shikalbaha-Anwara Section) (1st Revised)’, Tk 479 crores for ‘Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar Highway Improvement Project’ and Chaturi Choumuhani-CUFL-Karnaphuli Drydock Marine Academy-Fakirnirhat National Tk 100 crores have been earmarked for the project of upgradation of highways to proper standard and width.
Agriculture and Tourism
In the budget, Tk 150 crore for the ‘Irrigation development project through surface water in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar districts’ under the Ministry of Agriculture, Tk 21.70 crore for the project of ‘Strengthening the capacity of Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport Vidyaman Runway and Taxiway’ of the Ministry of Private Aviation and Tourism and Introduction of Tourism Facilities in Chittagong Park (1st Revised)’’ project has an allocation of Tk 21 crore.
Moreover, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change’s ‘Sheikh Russell Aviary and Eco Park Rangunia Chittagong 2nd Phase (1st Revised)’ project has Tk 19.47 crores, ‘Mahamaya Ecopark Biodiversity Conservation and Environment Development Project’ Tk 1.72 crore and the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock’s Tk 7 crores have been allocated for the Halda River Natural Fish Breeding Area Development and Management (2nd Phase) project.

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