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Education - February 18, 2024

NSU Young Economist Forum to hold EconProdigy 6.0

After a four-year break, the prestigious academic club of North South University, the Young Economists’ Forum, is backed with its flagship event EconProdigy 6.0. The event will encompass the expanding domains of real-world economic dilemmas and policy-making. 

This year, EconProdigy 6.0 centers around the theme “Inflation-Instability-Innovation.” For the last few years, inflation in Bangladesh has reached the zenith. EconProdigy 6.0 provides a platform to its participants from various universities across Bangladesh to develop innovative monetary or fiscal policies and postulate their ideas for controlling inflation. Consequently, the proposed ideas may induce an enhancement in economic growth.

To foster the development of next-generation policymakers, the competitors will go through three meticulous phases. The first round, Beyond theheadlines, will test the participants’ analytical and problem-solving skills. Each team will receive a case with a complex economic issue. The objective of this round will be to provide proper analysis and strong solutions under the given guidelines. After the first round, a workshop called Navigating thecomplexities of today for an economic future will be held. The workshop will aim to enhance the participants’ skills, knowledge, and confidence in policy-making. The second round, Cross-Talk, will be a debate round where teams will be pinned against each other to assess their reasoning skills. The third and final round, Policy Dialogue, will be a live presentation where the young policymakers present their policies and implementation plans to esteemed judges and engage in an interactive Q&A session. The event will conclude with an award ceremony with the honorable chief guests, sponsors, partners, and dignitaries. 

At its core, this inter-university policy-making competition strives to fill the students into addressing the pressing socio-economic issues in the country. The competition solidifies its status as the most significant economic event in Bangladesh. Thus, it promises to be the most engaging platform to sharpen the analytical skills of the country’s future leaders.

Daily Industry is the media partner of the event.

Register now:https://forms.gle/cuLqJmCLpBQsMT9BA

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