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Bangladesh - October 14, 2023

Opponents infamous for being caught by unnecessary cases

No BNP leader without case

Staff Correspondent: Arrests of opposition activists have increased again. Cases of sentencing are happening one after another. The police are raiding the houses of the opposition leaders late at night. Party sources claim that even those who are in prison are not getting release. Even after getting bail, he is being arrested again from the jail gate. Again, when the leaders who are on bail in the High Court go to the lower court, they are denied bail and sent to jail. The leaders have expressed concern over the sudden increase in arrests and punishments of BNP leaders.
Several senior leaders of BNP said that the government is moving forward with a plan to suppress the one-sided movement to topple the ongoing government and clear the ground for the upcoming national elections. Active leaders of BNP are being selectively punished by speedy trial of old cases. Leaders of various police stations and ward levels of the capital are being arrested again. In the last one week, BNP’s publicity secretary Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie, along with more than half a hundred leaders of various police stations and wards of the capital, have been arrested.
Vice Chairman of BNP Shahjahan, Advisor to Chairperson Habibur Rahman Habib, Co-Publication Secretary ShamimurRahmam Shamim and 30 other leadershave been sentenced.
Apart from this, Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP convener Amanullah Aman and his wife Sabera Aman were sentenced to jail in an old case last month. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir claimed that in the last few years, the ruling government has filed about 142,000 false and missing cases against about 500,000 leaders and activists. Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP Rizvi Ahmed said that 343 cases have been filed against BNP leaders across the country in two and a half months from July 28 to October 11. About 13.270 people have been accused in these cases, 2250 people have been arrested.
BNP Standing Committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said, Arresting opposition leaders is an old habit of Awami League. Manifestation of government weakness. Wants to survive by abusing power. He also said that the government is giving absentee cases against the opposition leaders. No cases are published and none are published. This is the character of fascism.
Arrests going on every day
Police arrested BNP publicity secretary Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie from his house in Dhanmondi late on Tuesday night. Earlier on October 10, former president of Kafrul Thana BNP Akter Hossain Zillu, 1st joint convener Akram Hossain and former senior joint convener of Kotwali Thana Chhatra Dal. Raihan Sentu, former General Secretary of Kafrul Thana Jubodal Habibur Rahman Rabbi, 16th Ward BNP Vice President Paltu Sikder, Sramik Dal leader Md. Al-Amin, Joint Secretary of BNP Ward No. 41 under Hasan and Wari police stations, and police arrested a total of 17 BNP leaders and activists from the procession in Bagerhat district. On October 8, Jhenaidah District Chhatra Dal vice-president Mehdi Hasan was denied bail and sent to jail.
On the same day, the police arrested Tajul Islam Ripon, the senior vice-president of BNP under Ward 2 under Khilgaon Police Station, Rafiqul Islam, President of Ward No. 69 under Demra Police Station, and Abdul Awal, BNP leader of Wari Police Station. On October 7th, the convenor of Hazaribagh Thana Farmers’ Party of Dhaka Metropolitan South. Nahid Hossain and member secretary. Bhashani was picked up from their embattled business establishment by the DB police. On October 6, Munshiganj’sSirajdikhan Thana BNP president Abdul Quddus Jiban, Rampal BNP leader Fakir Ajmal Hossain and Pedikhali Union Juba Dal leader Sheikh Moin Uddin were arrested.
On October 6, Meherpur’sGangniUpazila BNP general secretary Asaduzzaman Babul, former district Chhatra Dal president Nazmul Hussain, GangniUpazila Jasas convener Alvi Hossain, Jubo Dal leader Moniruzzaman, Krishak Dal leader Enamul and BNP activist Vijay canceled bail and sent him to jail. On October 5th, the organizing secretary of the 32nd Ward BNP of Dhaka Metropolitan South. Azman Mahmudur Rahman Mamun, Anwar Hossain, joint convenor of BNP Ward No. 13 under Paltan Police Station and Abu Bakr Siddique, General Secretary of BNP Ward No. 52 under Turag Police Station were picked up by the law enforcement forces from in front of Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Hospital located in Sector No. 11, Uttara.
Meanwhile, 20 people, including Netrakona district BNP member Ahmed Ali, and 10 people, including Madan town BNP president Kamruzzaman Chandan, were denied bail and sent to jail. Habiganj district BNP convenor GK Gauch is the most persecuted among the leaders of the district. During the period of Awami League government, he spent 1415 days in jail till yesterday. 15 cases have been filed against him so far. The former student leader who was elected mayor has not yet been released from prison despite getting bail in a case yesterday. Meanwhile, 11 top leaders of Habiganj District Youth Dal, Swachhasebak Dal and Chhatra Dal along with the president-secretary of all organizations have been put in jail. There are multiple cases against all of them.
Punishment in old cases
BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia and Acting Chairman Tarek Rahman have both been sentenced. On May 30, the High Court upheld the 9-year sentence of BNP Standing Committee member Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tukur and 13-year sentence of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP convener Amanullah Aman. In a case of Bhatara Police Station on October 9, BNP Vice Chairman Md. Shahjahan, Chairperson Advisor Habibur Rahman Habib, Jatiya Party Secretary General Ahsan Habib Lincoln, BNP Co-Publication Secretary Shamimur Rahman Shamim and Co-Village Government Affairs Secretary Belal Ahmed were sentenced to 4 years.
On October 8, Chhatra Dal joint secretary Md. Rezwanul Haque Sabuj, co-secretary of theater affairs Sohag Molla and former general secretary of Titumir College Chhatra Dal. 10 people including Abdul Awal were sentenced. On August 7, the CMM court in Dhaka sentenced 21 people including Jubo Dal’s organizing secretary Ishaq Sarkar to prison. Dhaka’s CMM court has sentenced five people including journalist Shafiq Rehman, acting editor of Amar Desh Mahmudur Rahman, Jasa vice-president Mohammad Ullah to prison in the case of conspiracy to kidnap and attempt to kill SajeebWazed Joy on August 17. On August 18, a BNP worker named Abul Kalam Azad was sentenced by the court in a case of Ramna police station. Earlier, the court sentenced BNP executive committee member Habibul Islam Habib to 70 years in various cases.
No leader without a case in BNP
There are cases against everyone from the top of BNP to the ward level. Vice Chairman, Joint Secretary General, Organizational Secretary, President and General Secretary of affiliated organizations have more or less cases against everyone. These cases were filed between One-Eleven and September this year. Among them, 37 against BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia, 50 against Acting Chairman Tarek Rahman, 98 against Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Standing Committee member Dr. Seven against Khandaker Musharraf, four against Barrister Zamiruddin Sarkar, 48 against Mirza Abbas, 36 against Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, six against Nazrul Islam Khan, six against Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury, nine against Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku, four against Selima Rahman and Salahuddin Ahmed. There are six cases.
204 against Vice Chairman Barkat Ullah Bulu, 106 against Chairperson Advisor Amanullah Aman, 80 against Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP convener Abdus Salam, 180 against Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, 254 against Joint Secretary General Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal, Habib-Un Nabi Sohel. 450 against, 50 against Organizing Secretary (Rajshahi) Ruhul Quddus Talukder, 313 against Jubo Dal President Sultan Salahuddin Tuku, 305 against former Jubo Dal President Saiful Alam Nirbar, 423 against Jubo Dal Senior Vice President Mamun Hasan, 317 against former Jubo Dal leader SM Jahangir, Jubo Dal 327 against organizing secretary Ishaq Sarkar, 184 against executive committee member Sheikh Rabiul Alam Robi, 15 against member secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP Aminul Haque, 226 against member secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP Rafiqul Alam Majnu, acting member secretary of Dhaka South Tanveer 127 cases against Ahmed, 250 against Volunteer Affairs Secretary Mir Sarfat Ali, 170 against Volunteer Party President SM Jilani, 147 against General Secretary Rajib Ahsan, 150 against National Executive Committee member Abdul Qadir Bhuiyan Jewell, 146 against Akramul Hasan, 103 against Habibur Rashid. , there are 95 cases against Bajlul Karim Chowdhury, 110 cases against Joint Organizing Secretary Shahidul Islam Babul, 211 cases against Public Education Joint Affairs Secretary Anisur Rahman Talukder, 106 cases against Chhatra Dal’s Saif Mohammad Jewel, 207 cases against Dhaka Metropolitan South Youth Dal Member Secretary Rabiul Islam Nayan. Apart from this, there are several cases against district level leaders.
Leaders who are in prison
Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP Convenor Amanullah Aman, BNP Joint Secretary General Aslam Chowdhury, former MP Habibul Islam Habib, Trade Affairs Secretary Salauddin Ahmed, Habiganj Convenor Cooperative Affairs Secretary GK Gauch, Joint Relief Affairs Secretary Shafiqul Alam Milan, Executive Committee Member Sheikh Rabiul Alam Ravi, Member Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP Rafiqul Alam Majnu, Joint Convener Tanveer Ahmed Rabin, Former President of Jubo Dal Saiful Alam Nirab, Current General Secretary Abdul Monayem Munna, Former President of Jubo Dal Dhaka Metropolitan North SM Jahangir, Former Joint General Secretary Golam Mawla Shahin, Vice President of Dhaka North Azizur Rahman Mosabbir.

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