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Bangladesh - August 17, 2023

Over 100 websites of BD in possession of Indian hackers

Staff Correspondent: In a cyber-attack by a group of Indian hackers, information has been leaked from the websites of over 100 public and private institutions of the country. Among them, the information of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh and Directorate General of Health Services has also been leaked.
Ahead of August 15, Bangladesh threatened a major cyber-attack. After this threat, warnings were issued across the country. In the midst of this warning, various public and private offices have been subjected to several attacks including information leakage.
It is known that the website of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh has the information of about 10 thousand investors and investment applicants.
Indian hackers claim that they have taken over 40,000 records of Bangladesh Bank. Hackers have also leaked some information from Land Ministry’s land tax portal. They have also take control over the information of some banks.
Other institutions whose websites have been hacked include various police units, ticketing websites and bank websites.
Meanwhile, the hacking organization Cyber71 of Bangladesh is preparing a counter attack in view of the attack on 17 government websites of the country. Cyber 71 sources said, we will launch a counter attack against their attack. If they still dare, then an official cyber war will be declared. We will work on cyber war preparations. Like India, we will retaliate through Moroccan cyber space. So that Bangladesh never again dares to look into cyber space.

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