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Over Tk 2.65 tr ADP coming in next budget

Tk 1.65 tr of govt fund Tk 1 tr foreign loan

Zarif Mahmud : Annual Development Program (ADP) of Tk 2 lakh 65 thousand crore (Tk 2.65 trillion) is coming in the next fiscal year (2024-25) budget. Out of this, a target of spending Tk 1 lakh 65 thousand crores from government funds and Tk 1 lakh crores from foreign loans will be set. The size of the new ADP is Tk 2,000 crore or 0.76 percent more than the original ADP of the current financial year.
Besides, Tk 20 thousand crore or 8.16 percent more than the Revised Annual Development Program (RADP). Tk 70,687.76 crore is given the highest importance in the allocation of money to the transport and communication sector. However, local government department will receive the maximum allocation of Tk 38,808.88 crore. Meanwhile, the least allocated sector is defense. 710 crore rupees have been caught here. The draft ADP was finalized in an extended meeting of the Planning Commission on Tuesday. It will be presented to the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting for approval on May 16.
A meeting was held for the first time under the leadership of Cabinet Secretary Mahbub Hossain. The meeting was held following the instructions given by the Prime Minister in the NEC meeting earlier. Various problems and solutions of the project were discussed in the meeting held in the cabinet meeting room on Tuesday.
An official who participated in the meeting told that if the project involves land, a separate project must be taken for land acquisition beforehand. Apart from this, many issues including making project managers efficient through training were discussed. But no decision has been made yet. Former lead economist of the World Bank Dhaka office Zahid Hossain told that the government could never implement such a big ADP. This time also it was seen that ADP was produced naturally. That is, although the increase seems less than the original ADP, it has increased more than the revised ADP. But in the present situation there was a need to rationalize or clear the project number of ADP. This means that the projects which are going on year after year, are kept with little allocation. Even if they don’t work, the cost is right.
Since this time there is no pretext of election and first ADP after election, it was easy to decide on such small projects. Which may be difficult at other times due to political reasons. That opportunity was lost. All in all, the quality of ADP remained in Baki’s account.
According to the sources, Tk 2 lakh 65 thousand crore are being allocated in the proposed ADP for the next financial year. Apart from this, the autonomous institutions have their own financing of Tk 13,286.19 crore. All in all, the size of the new ADP will be Tk 278,286.19 crore.
Sector wise allocation: Reviewing the allocation of 15 sectors, it can be seen that the second highest allocation is Tk 40,751.86 crore in electricity and energy sector and the third highest allocation is Tk 31,528.60 crore. The allocation of other sectors is Tk 24,868.03 crore for housing and community facilities, Tk 20,682.88 crore for health, Tk 17,986.21 crore for local government and rural development and Tk 13,219 crore for agriculture sector. There are also Tk 6,492.18 crores in industry and economic services, Tk 4,786.92 crores in science and information technology, Tk 3,492 crores in religion and culture and entertainment, Tk 3,304 crores in social security, Tk 3,308 crores in public order and security and general government. Tk 2,133 crores are being given to the service sector.
Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED) Secretary Abul Kashem Mohiuddin told, I hope that it will be possible to fulfill the target of foreign aid. Because the ministries and departments which have failed to spend this money in the current financial year, those who have done better with less allocation, have been increased according to their needs. In addition, ERD has held a series of meetings with the project stakeholders regarding the allocation of foreign funds. In response to a question, he said, overall, the work of increasing the implementation of ADP for the next financial year is going on.
10 Ministries and Departments receiving the highest allocation: In the ADP of the next fiscal year, the second highest allocation by ministry is being given to the Road Transport and Highways Department of Tk 32,042 crores. The third highest power sector is Tk 29,176 crores. Apart from this, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Tk 16,135 crores, Health Services Department Tk 13,741 crores, Ministry of Railways Tk 13,725 crores and Ministry of Science and Technology Tk 12,886 crores. There is also secondary and higher education department Tk 11,387 crores, shipping ministry Tk 10,373 crores and water resources ministry Tk 8,687 crores.
Many development projects in new ADP: There are a total of 1,337 projects with the allocation in the ADP of the next financial year. Among them, there are 1,149 investment projects, 86 technical assistance projects and 23 survey projects. Among the total projects, 1,277 projects will be transferred from the revised ADP of the current financial year. Of the rest, there are 60 newly sanctioned projects. In addition, 1,894 new but unapproved projects are being added to the ADP of the next financial year, 257 new unapproved projects under foreign financing facilities and 80 public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

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