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Health - August 9, 2021

Overflowing crowds in vaccination centers

2nd day of mass-inoculation

Staff Correspondent:the second day of the government-announced mass inoculation campaign to curb the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, huge crowds of people were observed in different centers of the capital. Although the vaccination campaign started in the morning, men and women over the age of 25 have been standing in long queues since morning to get the vaccine jab.
On Sunday, while visiting several vaccine centers in the capital, including Uttara, Abdullahpur and Banani, it was seen that people have been standing in long queues since early morning even though the inoculation activities started at 9 am. Bir Freedom Fighters, the elderly and the disabled are being vaccinated at the centers based on priority.
“We are vaccinating Bir Freedom Fighters, the disabled and the elderly on a priority basis,” said an official at a vaccine center in Uttara Azampur. “This activity will continue till 3 pm.”
However, many people have expressed frustration over not getting the vaccine card even after standing in a long line. “When will such a long line end?” they questioned, expressing anger that whether they will get the vaccine jab yesterday.
Zahid Johnny, a resident of Uttara, who was standing in queues for inoculation, said, “I could not get the jab yesterday even after I was standing in line for many hours.”
“I came to the center today in the early morning but saw a long line. I do not know if I can the vaccine jab today,” he said, expressing his frustration.
Long queues of men, as well as women, have been seen at the vaccine centers. They want to return with a vaccine jab even if it is difficult. About this, Banani resident Akhi Akhter said, “I came here at 7:30 am. The queues are moving very slowly. However, even if it is late, I will return home today with the vaccine jab.”
COVID-19 mass inoculation program has started from 9 am on Saturday, with the aim to vaccinate people aged 25 years and above, women, the physically challenged and people in remote areas, and will continue till August 12.
Through this, vaccines are being given simultaneously in 4,600 unions, 1,054 municipalities and 433 wards of city corporation areas with 32,706 workers and 48,459 volunteers.

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