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Bangladesh - June 5, 2022

Padma Bridge illuminated for first time

Staff Correspondent: Experimental lampposts have been lit for the first time on the much-anticipated Padma Bridge scheduled for inauguration on 25 June.
The lampposts were lit in the 12th span of the bridge in the mid-river around 5.40pm Saturday, Padma Bridge’s Executive Engineer Abdul Kaden told The Business Standard.
The work of installing the first lamppost at the Mawa end viaduct started on 25 November 2021.
A total of 415 lampposts have been set up on the 6.15 km bridge, of which 328 have been set up at the main bridge, 46 at the Zazira end viaduct and 41 at the viaduct at Mawa end.
The overall progress of the Padma Bridge project is 94% and that of the main bridge is 99%.
Of the remaining 1% work on the main bridge, work on cable laying, road marking, hand railing, movement joint parapet, and sub station is in progress.
The road of Padma Bridge will be opened after the inauguration on 25 June.

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