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Bangladesh - June 16, 2021

Plant more trees for greener future: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her daughter Saima Wazed, left, planted two saplings while inaugurating a three-month-long tree plantation campaign of the Bangladesh Krishok League at Ganabhaban in Dhaka yesterday -PID

Staff Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasinayesterday called upon all, including the leaders and workers of Awami League and its associate bodies, to plant at least three saplings to make Bangladesh a much greener country.
The Prime Minister made the call while inaugurating the three-month long tree plantation campaign of Bangladesh Krishok League at her official residence Ganobhaban.
The government wants to ensure overall economic development of the country keeping its environment and surroundings protected, Hasina said.
Hoping to see a livelier and much better environment in the country, she mentioned that the government is implementing various programmes to this end.
The Prime Minister said the forestation in Bangladesh now has gone up to 22 percent from mere 7 percent due to massive afforestation across the country during her governments.
Besides, gardening programmes are also on in every house of people alongside social afforestation to further advance the initiative of the government, she added. Hasina said such steps will help improve the country’s environment alongside expanding afforestation, and this is how Bangladesh will be able to set an example in the world. About the plantation campaign, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh Awami League took such a decision in 1983 to observe countrywide tree plantation campaigns on the 1st day of Asharh every year to take forward afforestation programmes.

She requested the leaders, workers and well-wishers of Awami League and its associate bodies as well as those who believe in Bangabandhu’s ideology to plant at least one fruit, one wood and one medicinal saplings.

Hasina said these trees will ensure the economic and nutritional security of people alongside protecting the country’s environment.

Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated the three-month long tree plantation campaign of Bangladesh Krishok League by planting a Palash sapling on the compound of Ganabhaban.PM’s daughter SaimaWazed also planted a plum sapling there.

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