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Biz World - June 19, 2022

PM: Padma Bridge comes as divine blessings for southern Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterdaysaid the inauguration of the Padma Bridge will come as divine blessings for the people of the southern region as they will get quick assistance during natural disasters.
“I think, the inauguration of Padma Bridge on June 25 will come as a blessing from Allah as we will be able to establish rapid communication with the southern region and promptly help the people in case of floods,” she said.
The premier was addressing a reception accorded to the 2021 SAFF Champion Bangladesh Under-19 Women National Football Team at her office in the city.
Noting that flood has affected the northeastern region massively this time, she said such deluge will affect the southern region of the country too.
Hasina said she opened Bangabandhu Bridge over Jamuna River just before the 1998 countrywide long-lasting flood and this helped maintain communication with the northern part of the country for uninterrupted transportation of goods and other essentials.
She said the flood also had affected the southern region at that time and the people of this area got help from the northern districts.
“We had been able to face that flood successfully…. Since we had opened the Bangabandhu Bridge, it helped us face the flood in many ways at that time,” she added.

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