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Bangladesh - August 19, 2021

PM talks tough against corruption by public servants

Staff Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said public servants will face tough punishment if anyone indulges in corruption.
“As we are providing various facilities, we will not tolerate any corruption,” she said.
The prime minister said this while speaking at a meeting with all secretaries of the public service.
Held at the NEC auditorium, the prime minister joined it from her official residence Ganobhaban.
She said the government wants to build a skilled, pro-service oriented and accountable administration which will accelerate the development of the country.
“That will be much more effective as we want to establish good governance in the country,” she said.
Terming corruption a disease, Hasina laid emphasis on getting rid of the menace.
“You have to take stern action against it, whenever you see anyone indulging in corruption take immediate steps.
There must be a reward for any good job, but punishment must be given for any involvement in corruption,” she said.
Talking about the coronavirus vaccines, the prime minister said the government has taken measurers to produce those in the country.
“Besides, we will procure whatever the amount of vaccines we need, we have taken the steps,” she said.
Hasina also emphasised theneed for reopening of the educational institutions and asked authorities concerned to take quick move regarding this.
“Not only universities, but also schools have to be reopened; this is the most important matter now, kids are suffering from mental pain staying at homes (for a long time), we have to give attention to this issue,” she said.
She asked secretaries to maintain the current pace of development in the country.
“We have to continue our activities so that Bangladesh could maintain its forward march in the future like it is doing now,” she said.
Hasina said the government has laid the foundation to take the country forward in the days to come.
Referring to the perspective plan and delta plan, “We have to make much progress in the future, we have taken that plan.” She asked the secretaries to make sure that all plans are implemented for the country’s development keeping the perspective plan and delta plan in mind.
Hasina said the prime task of the government is to provide a better life to people at the grassroots.
“People could get free from poverty, get a developed life, get a chance to avail of all the basic rights, including food, clothes, shelter, medicare and education,” she said.
Hasina asked all to work sincerely so that the Independence that came at the cost of blood of millions must not fail.
“We will take Bangladesh forward as a developed and prosperous country as we have we already attained the recognition as a developing country,” she said.
She thanked the secretaries for their sincerity and cooperation in working for the country and its people.
“What we need most is the mentality to work for the development of the country and change the fate of its people. You have that mentality and we got (that from you), as a result we have been able to advance the country,” Hasina said. She asked the secretaries to take care of the development projects that the government has taken so that the country could maintain the economic development.

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