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Bangladesh - Bank & Finance - February 28, 2024

Police seeks interest-free loans for buying cars

Staff Correspondent : The type of crime and criminals in the country is changing. In many cases major crimes are being committed through misuse of technology. The police want to increase their capacity to deal with these. For this reason, interest free loans and financial incentives are being demanded to buy cars. It is said that the matter will be brought up to the relevant authorities on behalf of the force during this police week which starts today. Along with this, the demand to resolve the promotion mess will also be raised.
‘Smart police, smart country; This six-day police week will continue till March 3 with the theme of ‘Bangladesh of peace and progress’. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate Police Week at Rajarbagh Police Lines Ground today at 10:30 am. In the inaugural ceremony, the head of government will inspect and salute the spectacular parade of various police contingents and flag-carrying teams. He will give an orientation speech to the members of the force. Besides, the police will visit the stalls of the Women’s Welfare Association (Punak). Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Sohail Ranawill lead the parade as the parade commander. Apart from this, the activities of the last one year will be reviewed in the various work sessions of the police week and the next year’s work plan will be taken.
Notable programs of the Police Week include addresses by the President and Prime Minister to senior police officers, meetings of senior police officers with the Chief Justice, Home Minister and Ministers-in-Charge of various ministries, Cabinet Secretaries and the IGP.
Every year during the police week, the police force meets with the prime minister, home minister and other ministers and secretaries. Various demands related to the interests of the forces were raised in these meetings. In its continuation, various claims will be presented. Among them, the old demands will be rought up again, including establishment of own university and medical college, interest-free loans to buy cars, risk allowance for inspectors and senior officers, creation of supernumerary posts for non-cadre policemen and reduction of promotion confusion. Some ways to solve the new post creation and promotion bottleneck will also be highlighted. In this, there may be offers like posting in various institutions in the country as well as posting in foreign missions.
General Secretary of Bangladesh Police Service Association and Superintendent of Police (SP) of Dhaka District Asaduzzaman told, “We have several demands which have not yet been implemented. For example, creating a police department, forming a medical college, cyber unit, appointing adequate manpower, giving risk allowance to inspectors to senior officers and providing loan facilities for cars. Everyone from the Deputy Secretary of Administration and above is getting this benefit. This was one of the demands of the police from a long time ago. But it is not fulfilled yet. Besides, many of us are getting promoted. But they don’t have logistic support. This issue will also be highlighted.
Officers from Deputy Secretary to above and Majors or equivalent in the armed forces get interest-free loan facility for cars. However, their senior officers including the Superintendent of Police do not get this facility. As a result, there will be a demand for interest-free loan facility for them to buy a car this police week. Besides, the demand for island allowance will be raised for those working in coastal police stations and island areas. As part of the incentive, the policemen in the hilly areas get hilly allowance at the rate of Tk 3000 and not more than 30% of the basic salary as they perform duties in remote and dangerous places. This limit will be demanded to be lifted.
On the occasion of Police Week 2023, 400 BPMs and PPMs are getting medals for unflinching bravery, heroic deeds, solving cases, crime control, display of efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity and disciplined conduct. 35 people will be given Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM). 60 people are receiving President’s Police Medal (PPM). 95 people will be awarded Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM-Seba) and 210 will be awarded President’s Police Medal (PPM-Seba) for their meritorious contribution in solving important cases, crime control, display of efficiency, devotion to duty, integrity and disciplined conduct. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will give medals to the awardees.
Meanwhile, on the occasion of Police Week 2024, the President, the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, the Senior Secretary of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Inspector General of Police gave separate messages. Superintendent of Police of Media and Public Relations Department of Police Headquarters Inamul Haque Sagar told, “Smart policing is needed for a smart Bangladesh. The nature of crime has changed. Along with this, the government is making every effort to increase the capacity of the police. In the coming days, we are going towards smart policing.

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