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Bank & Finance - December 19, 2023

Potato price increased by Tk 20 per kg again

Staff Correspondent: After the arrival of new potatoes in the market, the price fell to Tk 60 per kg within a few weeks. Now the price of potatoes has started to increase again. Potatoes are now selling at Tk 70 to Tk 80 per kg in the market. Which is Tk 10 to Tk 20 higher than last week.
On Tuesday (December 19), this picture was seen by visiting several markets in the capital.
The price of both Granula (white potato) and Cardinal (red potato) varieties, which are new in the market, is Tk 70 to Tk 80. There are more white new potatoes in the market now. Old potatoes are available in some shops, old potatoes are still selling at Tk 60 to Tk 65 per kg. The price of old potatoes is also Tk 10 more than before.
Granule and cardinal varieties of potatoes are commonly found in the market. There is no big difference in the price of both white and red varieties of

potatoes. Cardinal potato is also known as diamond potato.
Meanwhile, the price of small potatoes of Pakri variety from Bogra region is higher. This type of potato is being sold for Tk 100 to Tk 120. Although the price of these potatoes is always higher than the common varieties.
Dealers say that despite the arrival of new potatoes, the potato market is still buoyant, a situation not seen in the last few years. A week ago, the price fell to Tk 60. It has been increasing again for the past two days.
On September 14, the government fixed the price of potatoes per kg in the retail market at Tk 35 to Tk 36. Then import of potatoes was allowed on October 30 to control the price of potatoes. However, the permit (IP) issued for the import of potatoes expired on December 15.
Meanwhile, according to the sources of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, the government has given permission to import 36,000 tons of potatoes, but 62,000 tons of potatoes have arrived in the country so far.
Due to non-importation of potatoes and adverse weather conditions, the supply of potatoes in the market is low, due to which the prices are increasing, some traders said.
Meanwhile, a few days ago, due to the impact of Cyclone Migzaum, it has rained for two consecutive days in the country. Most of the potato fields planted in Munshiganj of the country have been extensively damaged by this rain. There is already a potato crisis in the country, among which the loss of potatoes in Munshiganj has a big impact on the market, said wholesale and retail potato traders in the capital.
At that time, the damage report of the Department of Agriculture showed that 12,762 hectares of land out of 16,200 hectares of land were damaged in Munshiganj, the largest potato producing district. Besides, the potato production of a total of 13,877 hectares of land has been damaged in several districts including Narsingdi, Manikganj.
Meanwhile, the wholesale price of potato is selling at Tk 300 to Tk 320 per pall (5 kg) in Karwan Bazar. The retail price of potato per kg is Tk 60 to Tk 64. Besides, old potatoes are being sold for Tk 250 to Tk 270.

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