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Bangladesh - March 20, 2024

Potato prices on rise again in Hili

Hili Correspondent : The price of potato has increased again in Hili of Dinajpur. The price of potato in the wholesale market increased by Tk 5-6 per kg during the week. Traders are blaming the downward supply. They say that the import of potatoes from India continues. But local farmers are creating artificial crisis by stockpiling. Because of this, the price is increasing instead of decreasing.
Currently, Katinal variety of potato is being sold at Tk 30 per kg, which was Tk 24 a week ago. Potatoes of the indigenous small variety are being sold at Tk 36 per kg, which was Tk 30-32 a week ago. Buyers complain that potatoes are not available at that price in the market even though the price has been fixed by the government.
Monirul Islam, a potato seller in Hili Bazaar, said, “Most of the farmers are storing their produce instead of selling it in the market. As a result, the supply is decreasing in places and the prices are increasing. Besides, the price of potatoes imported from India is high and the taste is a little less. As a result, even though the import continues, the price is not affected.
Sahabul Islam, a potato importer of Hili land port, said, “The government allowed the import of potatoes from India on February 1 to keep the supply of potatoes in the country’s market normal and to control the price.” Importers started importing on February 3. Our price from India to the port is around Tk 27-28 per kg.
He also said that due to the news of import from India, the price of local potatoes had dropped to Tk 20 per kg. Traders face loss by importing it. As a result, imports stopped after four days. However, recently the domestic market of the product has become upward again, so the traders have started importing again.
Sohrab Hossain, public relations officer of Hili land port, said, “After a month’s closure, the import of potatoes from India has started again on March 9. So far, 156 tons of potatoes have been imported through the port in seven trucks in three days.

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