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Price fall not stop even after special facilities

Staff Correspondent: The stock market of the country continues to fall. With the fall in prices on Tuesday, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) has fallen for seven consecutive working days. The index decreased by 326 points. On the other hand, the index fell to the lowest position in three years. Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) has increased the limit of buying securities from Tk 40 crore to Tk 50 crore to increase the purchasing power of ICB Securities Trading Company Limited in view of the continued fall in the capital market. On the first day of the state-owned company’s special concessions, trading rose slightly, but prices did not stop falling.
According to the market analysis, trading started yesterday by increasing the price of most of the shares. This causes the index to rise. But the index’s rise did not last. The index continued to decline on most shares, which continued until the end of the day on Monday. All the indices have fallen. However, the transaction increased slightly compared to the previous day.
Shares and units of 102 companies entered the list of price increase in DSE yesterday. On the contrary, the price of 235 companies has decreased. And the price of 56 remains unchanged.
As a result, DSE’s main price index DSEX fell by 22.55 points to 5,371.10 points. Among the other two indices, the DSE Shariah index decreased by 6.19 points to 1,174.55 points compared to the previous day. And the DSE-30 index consisting of 30 well-chosen companies has fallen by 8.95 points compared to the previous day at 1,929.92 points.
Trading volume on DSE increased despite all indices falling. Tk 591.62 crore has been traded in the market throughout the day. Tk 561.21 crore was traded on the previous working day. As a result, the transaction has increased by Tk 30.40 crore.

Orion Pharma shares were the most traded in terms of Tk 43 crore 67 lakh 38 thousand shares of the company were traded. Shares of Lavello Ice Cream, which came second in the transaction list, were traded for Tk 21 crore 25 lakh 45 thousand. Asiatic Laboratories was on the third place in the list as shares traded worth Tk 21 crore 19 lakh 87 thousand. Apart from this, the other companies in the list of top 10 institutions in terms of transactions in DSE are Best Holdings, Beach Hatchery, E-Generation, Orion Infusion, ICB AMCL, Sonali Bank Limited, First Mutual Fund, Alif Industries and Sea Pearl Beach Resort.
Another capital market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) overall price index CASPI decreased by 46.82 points. 72 out of 241 companies traded in the market rose in price. In contrast, the prices of 141 decreased and 28 remained unchanged. Tk 75.54 crore has been traded in the market. Tk 70.13 crore was traded on the previous working day.

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