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Bangladesh - October 10, 2021

Price hike: Common people are the worst sufferers

Golam Mostafa Jibon: The suffering of common people has increased doubled due to skyrocket of essential commodities’ prices.
Sources said, the prices of essential commodities have almost doubled in less than a week. Ordinary people have lost their way due to the abnormally price hike. Especially the people, who live on hand to mouth, are the worst sufferers.
They complained that, the situation has been created due to lack of market monitoring by the authorities concerned.
No one concerned including the Ministry of Commerce has any minimum responsibilities. Due to which, the price of essential goods in the market is increasing at a double rate.
This correspondent visited several kitchen markets including Shantinagar, Karwan Bazar, Shyambazar, Nazira Bazar, Kaptan Bazar and Jatrabari Bazar in the capital yesterday and found that, various types of essential goods were selling with doubled prices in less than a week.
Last week, the price of domestic onion was between Tk 45 and Tk 50. It is now being sold between Tk 75 and Tk 80. The price of Indian onion was between Tk 35 and Tk 40 last week. This week, it is being sold between Tk 75 and Tk 80. Beans are being sold at Tk 100 per Kg, while Cauliflower is being sold between Tk 100 and Tk 120 per Kg.
The price of raw (green) chilli was between Tk 120 and Tk 150 last week. It has increased and is being sold between Tk 200 and Tk 220. Local garlic is being sold at Tk 50 per Kg. Besides, the price of each vegetable in the market is above of Tk 60 per Kg.
Nazrul Islam, a grocery shop owner at Karwan Bazar said, “Prices of onion, Soybean oil, sugar, flour and lentils have gone up at an unusual manner. Those, who had stocks have benefited. Those, who did not have stocks, have to buy at a higher price and sell at a higher price.”
He said, “Local onion is being sold at Tk 80, sugar at Tk 80, lentils at Tk 130 per Kg and Soybean oil at Tk 150 per litter. The price of flour has also increased by Tk 3 to Tk 5 per Kg. As a result, the price of food prepared in hotels and restaurants has gone up.”
Prices of broiler chickens have also risen at an unusual rate in the capital’s markets. People, who work hard and who are buyers of broiler chickens, complained that, they have lost their affordability. They claimed that, at least the price of broiler chicken should be kept the same. A Kg of boiler chicken is now being sold at Tk 180 against the price of Tk 120 last year.
Suraiya Begum, who used to buy broiler chickens regularly from Karwan Bazar every week said, “I used to get a whole chicken between Tk 200 and Tk 220. Then, the price was Tk 120 per Kg. Now it has reached at Tk 180 to Tk 200 per Kg. Not only that, the price of all kind of fishes has gone up. It has now become difficult to carry our livelihoods with the little income.”
Several traders said that, poultry farm owners are not getting extra money. After coming to the wholesale market, the storekeepers are taking advantage of this extra prices.
Farida Yeasmin, a resident of Mugda area said, “I bought some things from TCB trucks at a little affordable price. But, TCB does not provide fishes, meat, eggs or other vegetables. So, I have to come to the market. But, I can’t purchase anything due to abnormal price hike. I am going back to home with empty hand.”

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