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Bangladesh - August 6, 2023

Prices of commodities increased by 3-times

In gap of only a year period

Zarif Mahmud: In the market, the price of daily necessary products has increased by almost 3-times in a period of only one year. It is increasing rapidly. Starting from rice to broiler chicken, eggs to beef and dal to fish, ginger-garlic, sugar have to be bought at extra cost of 3-times. Even the prices of fish and beef have gone beyond the reach of common consumers. Not only that, the prices have reached such a level that even vegetables are unaffordable.
Market participants say that although various initiatives have been taken by the government to normalize the prices, they are not working. Rather, the prices of almost all products have doubled to triple in the span of years due to the manipulation of unscrupulous traders. But even though the ‘syndicates’ of unscrupulous traders have been active for years, there is no effective action against them. As a result, every year, that cycle is grabbing thousands of crores of taka by increasing the artificial prices of everyday products by holding the customers hostage.
In the current situation, the common buyer is getting choked to match the expenditure with the income. Especially the middle class and low-income people are suffering.
Meanwhile, in August last year, the price of fuel oil was increased by 42 to 52 percent. As a result, the cost of transportation of goods, public transport fares and all kinds of services has gone up unbridled. Apart from this, the price of electricity has been increased by 5 percent to 15 percent three times in a span of 3 months. Gas prices have increased by almost hundred percent in different sectors in two phases. In the last one year, the prices of all types of public and private services including daily use products have increased uncontrollably.
It has made the life of ordinary people more burdensome. As a result, many families are cutting back on their needs. It is straining the nutrition. Again, many people break the previous savings and meet the expenses of the family. Again, many have become indebted by borrowing. However, even if the prices of all types of services increase, if the manipulation of the market syndicates is stopped, at least the price of everyday products would not have created a ‘gasp’ situation for the common buyers.
According to the government agency Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), sugar has increased by Tk 58 per kg in the retail market during the year. Besides broiler chicken Tk 20 per kg, local chicken Tk 200, beef Tk 250, raw fish Tk 100, open flour Tk 10, local onion Tk 20, potato Tk 10, local garlic Tk 140, imported garlic Tk 90, dry chilliTk 120, turmeric Tk 40, local ginger Tk 260 , Imported ginger Tk 110 and coarse rice Tk 20 and per hali (4 pieces) eggs are being sold at a higher price of Tk 8.
When asked to know, Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) President Golam Rahman told Daily Industry that the price of every product is increasing unbearably every year. But the buyer’s income is not increasing that way. Buying products at higher prices without increasing the income has now become the biggest concern of the consumer. Many shoppers have opted out of buying anything but essentials. Many middle-class and lower-income families have cut food budgets. Due to which nutritional deficiency is also occurring in the body.
He also said that due to the lack of attention of the concerned officials in the market, the unscrupulous people are cutting the pockets of the consumers by keeping the prices of the products high. But there is no exemplary punishment. So dishonest people are repeatedly making huge profits by holding the customer hostage.
In the retail market of the capital, it is known that coarse rice is being sold at Tk 52 per kg, which was Tk 50 at the same time last year. Open flour is being sold at Tk 52 per kg, which was Tk 42 a year ago. Tk 40 per kg of potatoes, which was Tk 30 last year. Desi onion is being sold at a maximum of Tk 65, which was Tk 45 earlier. 400 per kg of native ginger, which was Tk 140 at the same time last year. Desi garlic is being sold at Tk 220, which was Tk 80 earlier. Dry chillies are being sold at Tk 450. Which was Tk 330 earlier.
Beef increased from Tk 680 to Tk 800 per kg. Broiler chicken was sold at Tk 185 per kg, which was Tk 165 earlier. Domestic chicken is being sold at Tk 750 per kg after an increase of Tk 200. Roo fish is being sold at Tk 450 per kg, which was Tk 350 earlier. Pangas fish is being sold at a maximum of Tk 250 per kg. Which was Tk 170 at the same time last year. Last year sugar was sold at Tk 82 per kg but now it is being sold at Tk 140.
Apart from this, during the year, Tk 36 per kg of salt is being sold at Tk 40 per kg. Each Hali Farm egg is selling at Tk 50, which was Tk 42 at the same time last year. Among vegetables, Barab has been sold at Tk 80 per kg, which was Tk 60 earlier. A few lots were sold for Tk 70-80. Which was Tk 60-70 earlier.
Milkvita’s liquid milk was earlier Tk 80 a liter. Now it has increased to Tk 90. Dano is selling Tk 840 per kg of powdered milk. Which was Tk 700 earlier. Besides, the prices of all kinds of industrial products have also increased. A packet of biscuits which used to be Tk 10, is now Tk 15. A packet of Chanachur which was priced at Tk 68 is now Tk 80. Soap worth Tk 30 is being sold at Tk 55.
Zahidul Islam, who came to buy daily products at the capital’s Malibagkitchen market, said, I work in a private company. The way the prices of daily commodities are increasing and the money I am earning, now I am not able to bear all the expenses. Without cooking the food necessary for survival, there is no good or bad food. The situation is such that it is very difficult to live now.
According to the sources of the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, daily market surveillance is going on under the leadership of the Director General of the Directorate. If irregularities are found, the law will bring punishment to the dishonest ones. No one is exempt. Instead, the surveillance system will be conducted in a new way.

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