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Bangladesh - November 4, 2022

Question papers leaked from Biman MD’s room

Staff Correspondent: Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Detective Chief Mohammad Harun Or Rashid said, Managing Director (MD) and CEO of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Recruitment exam question paper leaked from Zahid Hossain’s room. MD’s office assistant Zahid leaked the question paper and sent it to others.
He said this at a press conference organized at DMP’s media center on Thursday (November 3).
Haroon Or Rashid said, 10 people have been arrested in this incident. In the confessional statement given by 9 of them, it is known that the recruitment exam question papers were leaked from the MD’s room. (
Awlad Hussain (21), Jahangir Alam (35), Enamul Haque (28), Harun-or-Rashid (40) and Mahfuzul Alam (31) were flown from Kaula to DB Lalbagh Airport on the first day of question paper leak and fraud on November 21. Five employees of Bangladesh were arrested. At that time, soft copy of the question paper, money, bank cheque, stamp, mobile number, diary and admit card of the examinees were recovered from them.
After that, 5 more officials and employees of Biman Bangladesh Airlines were arrested for their involvement in cheating. They are – Md. Masud (34), Zahid Hasan (28), Sobhan (30), Javed Hossain (28) and Zakir Hossain (29).
During the arrest, one and a half lakh rupees, 32 checks of various banks, non-judicial stamps-17, mobile phones 14, motorcycles, diaries 3, hard and soft copies of leaked question papers and admit cards of recruitment candidates-54 were seized. 9 out of 10 arrested persons gave confessional statements in questioning, admitting the guilt of themselves and others.
Haroon Or Rashid said that the question papers are prepared in the GM admin room of Biman. From there, someone took a picture of the question paper. On November 20, Biman’s logo was removed and 80 questions were ticked and delivered to two others. The two left on a motorcycle. Again on October 19, the photocopy of the summary question was given to MD’s office assistant Zahid Hossain. He took the smart phone with him and took a photocopy and sent it to Sobhan.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Authority constituted a high-level committee for preparation of question paper, printing and organization of examination for each recruitment. They do all the activities. They are expected to fulfill their responsibilities. But MD’s office assistant Zahid took the picture and leaked it. Should have been the caretaker. In the past, during various recruitments, they have similarly committed misdeeds related to the recruitment of Biman Bangladesh, stealing and leaking the question papers.
It is clear from the information obtained during the interrogation of the arrested persons, deposition under Section 164 and all digital data that they have committed crimes in exchange of money.
He said that Biman Bangladesh is a flag carrier. Office assistant Zahid leaked questions from the office of the managing director of this institution. It was the responsibility of the committee members involved in the proper conduct of the recruitment examination to perform their duties properly. But they cannot escape. Analyzing the statements of those arrested under section 164. Collected intelligence. All in all, no one will be exempted against those who are responsible for leaking questions.

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