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Bangladesh - June 8, 2021

Religious extremists vandalize Anisha’s ancestral home in Sirajganj

Anisha Karmakar

Staff Correspondent: Local extremists sending death threat to Anisha one after another. Sources said, Anisha Karmakar, a Bangladeshi national living in Sweden now, received a number of death threats in different modes especially in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The unidentified extremist group trying to assault her with death threat several times. She is receiving phone calls and sms which carrying out life hacking being a member of a minority Hindu community.
According to family sources, Anisha Karmakar’s father and mother are members of international society for krishna consciousness (ISKCON). ISKCON has learned of all the incidents, including death threats, and has strongly condemned and protested in a statement and requested the law enforcement agencies to take necessary action.
Sources said, she was several times threatened to leave home country when she was a student of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in a university in Bangladesh, as they wished to grab her ancestral property. Because she was the only inheritor of her father’s property. At present, she thinks if she is tried to visit her home country, the extremist group may kidnap her to kill. It is worth mentioning that the extremist group threatened her father to kill his daughter. From +880027691195 ,she received phone calls which indicates unknown number in the mobile phone set. In 2018, her hand mobile phone was hijacked in the street tempered her facebook ID and scattered her personal photos in social media by which she was humiliated and harassed severely in the society. At last, she was compelled to leave her home country Bangladesh. It is mentionable also that from Facebook ID ‘Shoaib Akter’, a number of defamations with death threats sent to her.

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