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Remal may become a severe cyclone: BMD

Staff Correspondent: The depression over the Bay of Bengal is expected to intensify into a severe cyclone and is likely to reach the Bangladesh coast by Sunday evening, according to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD).
BMD Director Azizur Rahman addressed the media on Friday, explaining that the cyclone, named ‘Remal’ or ‘Sand’ by Oman, could significantly impact the region. “We believe Remal may become a severe cyclone and make landfall somewhere between Khulna and Khepupara in Patuakhali, near the Sundarbans. The cyclone could affect a large area, including the coastal regions of the Sundarbans,” Rahman said.
A cyclone is classified based on wind speeds: between 62 and 88 km/h, it is called a cyclone; between 88 and 117 km/h, it is a severe cyclone; between 117 and 220 km/h, it is a very severe cyclone; and above 220 km/h, it is termed a super cyclone.
The initial effects of the cyclone are expected to be felt from Sunday morning. Rahman added that gusty winds and rain might begin on Saturday night, with heavy to very heavy rainfall anticipated in coastal and other areas of the country by Sunday.
When asked about the potential for a tidal surge, Rahman indicated that the cyclone might strike around 6:00 PM on Sunday, coinciding with low tide, which reduces the likelihood of a significant tidal surge. However, if the cyclone makes landfall after midnight, the risk of tidal surges increases.
In a special weather bulletin issued at 3:00 PM on Friday, the BMD reported that the depression over the east-central Bay of Bengal and adjacent west-central Bay had moved northeastwards. By 12:00 PM on Friday, it was centered approximately 805 km southwest of Chattogram port, 740 km southwest of Cox’s Bazar port, 765 km south of Mongla port, and 730 km south of Payra port.
The maximum sustained wind speed near the depression center was about 40 km/h, with gusts or squalls reaching up to 50 km/h. The sea conditions around the depression center are expected to be moderate.
Maritime ports in Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla, and Payra have been advised to hoist distant cautionary signal number 1. Additionally, all fishing boats and trawlers over the North Bay and the deep sea have been advised to stay close to the coast and proceed with caution until further notice, avoiding the deep sea.
The BMD continues to monitor the situation closely and will issue updates as necessary to ensure public safety.

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