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license to ply in city
Bangladesh - March 28, 2022

Rickshaw pullers need
license to ply in city

Fare will be fixed

Zarif Mahmud: All rickshaws plying in Dhaka are coming under registration. The driver must also get a license. The age of the rickshaw puller should be between 18 to 50 years. There will be novelty in rickshaw colors, cushions etc. Owners will not be able to collect deposits at will. At the same time, the fare will be determined according to the traffic area and distance. Keeping these rules in mind, a gazette has been issued on March 21 for the regulation of non-mechanical traffic (control) in Dhaka North City Corporation area. It is learned that South City is also going to make such regulations.
According to the regulations, the colors of the rickshaw pullers’ clothes will vary from region to region. The corporation will be able to determine the maximum daily rent (deposit) that the owner can collect from non-mechanical vehicles or rickshaw pullers. No rickshaw can carry more than two adults.
Rickshaw pullers can also be fined for demanding extra fare or refusing to travel a certain distance in the designated zone. The age of the rickshaw puller can’t be less than 18 years or more than 50 years. It further said that no commercial advertisements or pornographic pictures or images can be pasted inside or outside the rickshaw.
According to the regulations, the city corporation can impose a maximum fine of Tk 50,000 for irregularities and cancel the registration-license and confiscate the rickshaw.
Dhaka North City Corporation Chief Executive Officer (Additional Secretary) Selim Reza said that there were no regulations regarding rickshaws or non-mechanical vehicles. It was very necessary to make the regulation, it has been done. We have also gazetted the regulations with the approval of the Ministry of Local Government. We will now move towards its gradual implementation.
“Under this regulation, we will bring non-mechanical vehicles into a system,” he said. Rickshaw pullers also need a license. Some more new things have come up. They will be implemented with everyone. Hopefully something good will happen.
According to the regulations, the ‘Non-Mechanical Vehicle Management Committee’ based on the region or ward of the corporation will be in charge. The convener of the committee will be the Regional Executive Officer / Mayor’s nominated officer / Ward Councilor.
The seven-member committee will also include representatives of workers, rickshaw owners and drivers’ organizations.
In this regard, Dhaka South City Corporation Chief Executive Officer (Additional Secretary) Farid Ahmed told, “We are also making a regulation on non-mechanical vehicles.” A draft has been made, work is underway to finalize the draft.
“The roads are narrow in our part,” he added. There are lots of horse carriages. Roads are wider in the north. So, our regulation will be a little different than the answer.
Driver’s license and qualifications
If a person wants to drive a non-mechanical vehicle in the city corporation area, he must get a license. The license will first be issued for one year and will have to be renewed with a fixed fee at the end of the term.
Unlicensed vehicles or rickshaws cannot be driven by a driver without a driving license. If an owner drives a rickshaw with a driver without a driving license, the registration will be canceled or a maximum fine of Tk 10,000 or both will be imposed. Drivers will be fined a maximum of Tk 2,000 if they do not have a driving license. At the same time the rickshaw number given by the corporation will be confiscated and confiscated. Once confiscated, the rickshaw license number will also be revoked.
Although no educational qualification is prescribed, the applicant must be considered suitable by the registrar in order to obtain a license for unmanned vehicles or rickshaw pullers.
The driver will need a certificate from a responsible physician of the city corporation to be physically and mentally fit. The applicant should have an idea about the main roads, installations, office courts, important places etc. of the city corporation and its surroundings.
The applicant should know and understand the rules and regulations and traffic signals that other driver follow while driving on the road.
The age of the applicant for obtaining a rickshaw puller’s license cannot be less than 18 years and not more than 50 years.
Determining rickshaw fare
The list of traffic area-based fares will be fixed in the City Corporation area. According to the regulations, the corporation will be able to compile a rental list for each non-mechanical vehicle or rickshaw by distance. The printed rental list should be displayed visibly in populated areas. Along with the registration, the rickshaw owner has to provide a list of all the fares in the respective zone. For the convenience of the people, if the driver is ever asked to show the license, he must show the fare list along with the license.
The regulations state that rickshaw pullers can be fined up to a maximum of Tk 100 for demanding more than the stipulated fare or refusing to travel a certain distance in the stipulated zone.
Such will be rickshaw
The regulations state that each non-mechanical vehicle, such as a rickshaw, must be beautiful, strong, and fit for at least two healthy people.
The wheel of the rickshaw will be surrounded by strong rubber tires, no noise and vibration while moving and will be protected with properly fitted plasterboard.
The springs and axles will be made of metallic material, which will be strong, properly formed and free from rust. The hood and cushion cover of the rickshaw will be made of beautiful hard cloth or corporation approved canvas or any other material which will be beautiful to look at and will not leak water.
Rickshaws plying in Dhaka North and Dhaka South City Corporation areas in Dhaka metropolis should be covered with different colored hoods and cushions. No broken or defective or defective non-mechanical vehicles or rickshaws will be allowed on the road.
Every non-mechanical vehicle should have headlights and rear lights should be bright. Each rear lamp should be fitted with red glass in such a way that it is visible from within five meters of a rear car.
If the vehicle is driven by a cow or a horse, then it is necessary to take care that the drawn animal, cow or horse is not infected with any kind of contagious disease, is healthy and disease free and also looks beautiful. In the opinion of the registrar, the owner should make arrangements to keep the ropes or chains used for those animals in leather or in a good cover so that they are comfortable for the animal.
In case of violation of the above conditions, the owner of non-mechanical vehicle / rickshaw / van or horse / bullock cart can be fined a maximum of Tk 10,000 and the registration of that non-mechanical vehicle can be canceled.
Rules for non-mechanical vehicle-rickshaw movement
No non-mechanical vehicles / rickshaws will be allowed in any area other than the designated area / zone / zone. At the same time, two-lane, four-lane or six-lane roads will not allow non-mechanical vehicles / rickshaws to cross or park or make a temporary stop.
The color of the registration card of the non-mechanical vehicle and the color of the driver’s clothing will be different according to the designated area and zone and the corporation will determine that. It will be mandatory to use the color of the registration card of the non-mechanical vehicle and the color of the driver’s clothing.
The Corporation will issue notices from time to time specifying parking spaces for non-mechanical vehicles. Any unauthorized vehicle or rickshaw parking outside the designated parking space will be legally punishable.
Each rickshaw puller will carry a badge on the arm or wrist, which will be provided with the City Corporation license. For this the corporation will be able to charge a reasonable fee.
Rickshaw registration
All non-mechanical vehicles or rickshaws that will play within the City Corporation boundaries must be registered under the supervision of the Registrar. Registration must be renewed every two years.
The license will be of different nature and form according to the type of each non-mechanical vehicle. The license will have a stamp size color photograph of each licensee and the thumbprint of the left hand.
Owner’s deposit will be determined
The regulations specify the responsibilities of the owner of a non-mechanical vehicle or rickshaw. The corporation will be able to determine the maximum amount of rent that the owner can collect daily from non-mechanical vehicles or rickshaw pullers.
No owner will be able to collect extra rent in addition to the fixed daily rent.
Even after fixing the daily fare of the corporation rickshaw, if any owner collects more than the fixed fare, the owner can be punished. The corporation will also be able to revoke the owner’s rickshaw license.
Advertising or pornography cannot be pasted on rickshaws Regulations stipulate that no commercial advertisement or pornographic images / pictures etc. may be affixed or displayed inside or outside any written or otherwise printed in any rickshaw or van without the written permission of the Registrar.
Training for rickshaw pullers
The city corporation will provide training for rickshaw pullers to learn how to drive a rickshaw. In this way, they will be able to know about the rules and regulations to be followed while traveling on the road, traffic signals, fares fixed according to the distance. Failure to participate in the training twice in a row without a valid reason may result in revocation of the driver’s license.
Punishment for various crimes If anyone violates this regulation and drives a non-mechanical vehicle or rickshaw inside the City Corporation or outside the designated zone, the owner can be fined a maximum of Tk 10,000 and the driver a maximum of Tk 2,000. At the same time rickshaw license and driver’s license can be canceled.
No rickshaw puller can refuse to take a single or double passenger to a place for any reason other than mechanical fault of the rickshaw. No driver can abuse a person. In this case, the driver can be fined Tk 500 and his license can be canceled.
If a non-mechanical vehicle or rickshaw is used for any illegal or immoral purpose, a maximum fine of Tk 50,000 can be imposed and the vehicle can be confiscated or confiscated.

No rickshaw can carry more than two adults or objects larger than the size of the rickshaw. Rickshaws cannot be parked without a designated place for parking. Rickshaw owners or drivers can be fined a maximum of Tk 2,000 for parking outside the designated area. The regulations also state that any authorized officer of the corporation may impose a fine.

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