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Bangladesh - July 19, 2021

RMG owners want to open factories from August 1

Staff Correspondent: The nation will observe the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of the Muslims, on July 21. Eid holiday has started in many garment factories from yesterday. All kinds of factories including garments will be closed for 14 days during the strict lockdown after Eid starting from July 23.
According to sources, the factory owners are giving leave to the garment workers of the country in phases. In many cases, workers’ leave is being adjusted with government leave. The workers will get 7 to 10 days’ leave. Therefore, the owners want to fix the holiday limit till July 30. They want to reopen the factory from the next day, August 1.
According to the Ministry of Labor, employers can increase the leave of the workers if they want. However, the government has announced a three-day holiday.
The government has announced nationwide strict lockdown again from 6 am on July 23 to August 5. At this time, the government has sent a letter to the top-level to keep the garment factories open. Business leaders related to the sector have also held meetings. However, during this period, the movement of workers may be relaxed from July 30 to return to work. It is expected that instruction will come in this regard from the government soon.
Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industries (FBCCI) President Md. Jasim Uddin called upon the government to keep all the manufacturing industries in operation during the strict lockdown.
He said economic activities would be halted if all industries were shut down amid the Corona situation. This will completely disrupt the supply chain. As a result, everyone directly or indirectly involved, from production to the consumer, will suffer.
Meanwhile, trade unions in the sector have written to the Prime Minister to keep the factory open and ensure the safe movement of workers.
In the letter, the leaders appealed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to shorten the Eid holiday and open the factory to save the country’s export sector from the threat of a multi-faceted catastrophe.
In that letter, the leaders also said that they will accept whatever decision will be taken by the Prime Minister.

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