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Power & Energy - February 3, 2024

RNPP first unit to go into production by end of this year

Ishwardi Correspondent : The first unit of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) under construction at Ishwardi in Pabna is likely to be commissioned by the end of this year. The second unit will be commissioned in 2025. This is what the officials of the Ministry of Science and Technology are hoping for.
Officials of the ministry said that after importing nuclear fuel, Rooppur nuclear power project is now being prepared for commissioning. Russia has also given full assurance to explain the project to Bangladesh within the stipulated time. By the end of this year, the power generation of the first unit is expected to start.

They say that uranium fuel for nuclear power generation has already moved to the project area. Now the re-commissioning stage is going on. If three more steps are completed through this, commercial power generation will be possible. At the same time, the work of power transmission line is also going on.
Minister of Science and Technology, Architect Yafes Osman said, the work of Rooppur nuclear power project is progressing rapidly. The country will get nuclear power in 2025.
He said that the fuel (uranium) of nuclear power generation means that our country has now reached a great height. We are now the 33rd nuclear powered country in the world. The first unit will be completed this year and the second unit in 2025.
In 1961, land was acquired for this project on the bank of river Padma near Hardinge Bridge in Rooppur, Ishwardi. The Government of Pakistan did not take any further action in this regard later. After the independence of the country, around 1972-74, discussions started here for the production of 200 MW of nuclear power, but it never saw the light of day.
After the Awami League government came to power in 2009, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took initiatives to implement it. Prime Minister laid the foundation of this project in October 2013. Later on December 25, 2015, Russia’s state nuclear agency Rosatom signed an agreement with Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission to implement the project.
By the end of September 2023, the process of bringing nuclear fuel uranium to Bangladesh will begin. The assembly of 168 uranium has reached the project area of Rooppur in seven stages under the initiative of Rosatom.
3+ generation Russian VVER 1200 reactors are being installed in two units of Rooppur Nuclear Power Project under construction with financial and technical support from Russia. The total generating capacity of the project will be 2400 MW.

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