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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - September 1, 2023

Rohingya family back to Myanmar in dark of night

Delay in repatriation

Faridul Alam Shahin, Cox’s Bazar: Although half a century of the ongoing Rohingya crisis has passed, there is no hope for repatriation. On the contrary, conflicts over the control of kidnapping, extortion, drug trade and smuggling often occur around Rohingya camps. Due to these crimes, the huge Rohingya population has become a burden on the host country.
Delayed repatriation, some Rohingya tried to spread to different parts of Bangladesh, but many Rohingya are trying to return to Myanmar without repatriation. On Friday (August 25), at a rally to mark the “Black Day” of Rohingya persecution, the Rohingya threatened to march across the border into Myanmar if repatriation was delayed. Three days after this warning, a Rohingya secretly fled Myanmar with his wife and children. However, no authority related to the Rohingya camp is talking about the matter.
According to sources, a Rohingya named Nazir Alam (46) crossed into Myanmar on Monday (August 28) night with his wife and children from No. 24 Rohingya camp in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar. There were six people in his group including his wife, two sons, two daughters. They reportedly left the camp and went to their village in Maungdu, Myanmar.
The Rohingyas who left for Myanmar are Nazir Alam (46) and his wife Rasheda Begum (36), son Mohammad Zaker (19), Syed Noor (10), daughter residing in Block A/17 (FCN-255942) of Leda Camp No. 24, Teknaf. Tasmin Akhter (13) and Subeka (9).
After leaving the camp, they went to their home village of Chalipara, Maungdoo Police Station, Arakan State, Myanmar, confirmed the Majhi (Leader) of Camp No. 24 Maulvi Mohammad Saker.
He said they escaped from the camp on Monday night. I have received information that they have gone inside Myanmar through Baritli area of Teknaf. We have reported the matter to the Camp Incharge (CIC) of Leda Camp.
An attempt was made to contact the Camp Incharge (CIC) Nazrul Islam in charge of Hnilar Leda No. 24 camp of Teknaf on mobile phone to find out about this. But he did not answer the phone. After sending a text message, there was no reply.
16 APBN captain in charge of security of Rohingya camp and Additional DIG of Police Hasan Bari could not be reached on phone.
Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar Refugees, Relief and Resettlement Office Mohammad Mizanur Rahman said that the inquiry should be reported.
When asked to inform later, no reply was received till the time of writing this report (6:30 pm).
Over 200 Rohingyas have been killed in 33 Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar’s Ukhia and Teknaf in the last six years. Most of the murders occurred due to the control of camps by members of armed groups, dominance, sharing of drug smuggling money. A further 10-12 Rohingya terrorist groups, as sub-groups of the two main Myanmar-based armed groups, the Arakan Salvation Army (ARSA) and the Arakan Solidarity Organization (RSO), continue to carry out criminal activities in the camps. The repatriation process is repeatedly delayed due to these criminal forces.
Sources say that these terrorist groups want to destabilize the Rohingya camps by becoming spies of the Myanmar government and engaging in criminal activities. They want to hang out in refugee camps instead of being repatriated. But ordinary Rohingyas want to return to their ancestral homeland as soon as possible. However, due to the delay in the repatriation process, many are taking the initiative to return to Myanmar on their own initiative, knowing that it is unsafe.

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