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Bank & Finance - August 7, 2021

Safiul Alam makes a happy Pubali Bank

Pubali is not only the largest and most visible online friendly bank in the country but also
a bank for the commoners,remitters and consumers

Mahfuja Mukul: Veteran banker Safiul Alam Khan Chowdhury is one the rare CEOs in Bangladeshi banking industry who started career in a bank and become the CEO of the same bank. Generally, in Bangladesh the bankers have been changing career from one bank to another for their speedy promotion but Safiul Alam Khan Chowdhury one of the dynamic bankers who has not need to change the bank to become Managing Director and CEO.
Safiul Alam is one of the sailors of Pubali Bank which contribution helped to revive the bank from once treated ‘a sinking boat to a leader bank’ of the country. Pubali is not the largest and most visible online bank in the country but also a bank for the commoners, remitters and consumers.
The SME as well as corporate financing of Pubali Bank has been playing important role in building economy, industry and infrastructure of Bangladesh. The annual financial budget of the bank has exceeded to Tk 25 billion and it is cycling among 25 million people throughout the country.
When the financial footing of Pubali Bank was weakening during the COVID-19 hit economy of the world the challenging steering of the bank was given to Safiul Alam. The non-performing loans (NPLs) of the bank was spiralling towards up but within last 6 months Safiul Alam has been able to down the trend, even during the pandemic hit dull economy.
The officers and employees of Pubali Bank were very offended and absent minded in work due to the wrong handling of the bank administration but they are now happy in the appointment of Safiul Alam as CEO. They can express their views and opinion without any fear to their beloved Managing Director about their bank’s operation and development. Safiul Alam always try to solve the problem and give the decision on the table, whether it is ‘positive or negative’. The quicker decision also helps the customers to enjoy the banking service smoothly or quite the bank sooner.
Earlier the officers of the bank were in deep fear of losing job or face unwanted transfer but they are now not in any fear of their professional life. A general manager of the bank told, “We are free to take any decision by taking permission even over telephone from Managing Director without any hesitation.”It is the pre-condition to patronise corporate culture from the kitchen management, he added.
A high official of Bangladesh Bank told Daily Industry that Safiul Alam so popular among his colleagues which will help to bring any target of success in reality.
The shareholders of Pubali Bank have seen a new hope of ray in gaining good dividend. The share price of the bank on August 5 was above Tk 25 but before 3 months the price was less then Tk 20. This the proofof the confidence of the shareholders.
A seasoned banker, Safiul Alam Khan Chowdhury started his carrier as Probationary Senior Officer in 1983 and reached to the top position by dint of multidimensional capacities all along his career in the same bank. Mr. Chowdhury has successfully served both at Head Office and branch level in different capacities and deployed his expertise towards achieving the mission and vision of the bank. He is an Ex-officio member of Shari’ah Supervisory Committee and Ex-Officio Director of Pubali Bank Securities Limited, a subsidiary of the bank.
Safiul Alam Khan Chowdhury completed his graduation and post-graduation from the University of Dhaka.
In professional life, he has participated in various trainings, seminars, and courses both at home and abroad on banking management and leadership conducted by different national and international banks, forum and training institutes.
His genius, insights and inquisitiveness have taken him to places around the globe, including Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, U.S.A., India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and China for both personal and professional endeavors.
He is a corporate member of Dhaka Club, one of the most prestigious clubs in our country. He is blessed with one son and a daughter.

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