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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - July 1, 2021

Saudi authorities urged to help Bangladeshi women workers

Industry Desk: Bangladesh ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr Mohammad Javed Patwari has urged the Saudi authorities to help Bangladeshi women working there in overcoming their problems.
He discussed the issue during his meeting with the governor of Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Saud bin Nayef Al Saud.
He requested the governor to place Bangladeshi women workers in deportation centres or safe zones when they come to police after any unwanted incidents.
The ambassador also asked for waiving the fees for the bodies of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants which are currently preserved at different morgue in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
“Often complications arise to send the dead bodies back to the country or burial in Saudi Arabia because of the huge hospital bills attached with them,” he added.
Many Bangladeshi workers have lost jobs in Saudi Arabia during the pandemic and thus became illegal immigrants, he said.
Although they have applied for exit permits to the relevant authorities to come back to Bangladesh, most of them have not got it because of the slow process. Ambassador Javed also requested release of around 245 Bangladeshis who are currently serving terms at different jails in the Eastern Province, provided they had not committed major crimes.
Governor Saud assured the ambassador that they would positively consider all the requests.

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