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Bangladesh - February 11, 2024

Shahbagh flower businesses expect to sell Tk 20 cr on Valentine’s Day

Staff Correspondent: Next February 14 is World Valentine’s Day. The same day marks the beginning of spring, Pahela Phalgun. Traders expect better business at this time than other times of the year. Many people also make extra preparations around the day Many shopkeepers take additional employees for two-three days to handle the pressure of customers
On Saturday (February 10) at 11 o’clock, it can be seen that the number of buyers is slightly higher than at other times of the year. As the reason, the sellers say, there are many social events including weddings during this time. So, the number of buyers is also high However, the businessmen are hoping for additional profit based on Valentine’s Day. They expect to sell several times more on this day than on a normal day
The flower market of Shahbagh can be visited, there are two flower markets here. A retail flower market. Another wholesale market. Total shops in the retail market are 50. The wholesale flower market is active from 1 pm to 10 am. There are not many buyers and sellers in this market during the day. Basically, the small flower traders of Dhaka city buy flowers from this wholesale market and sell them in shops Many farmers around Dhaka come directly to this market and sell flowers. In all, about 400 vendors sell flowers here every night
The traders of these flower markets say that they have ordered flowers in advance in the garden in the hope that there will be additional sales on Valentine’s Day.
Abdul Barek, the shopkeeper of Malanch Flower Market in Shahbag, said that now flowers worth 10 to 20 thousand taka are sold a day. At other times of the year, sales are flat. But now the sales are good Hoping for good sales on Valentine’s Day I can sell Tk 2 lakh flowers that day I have 10 types of flowers here Now each rose costs Tk 20, on Valentine’s Day it will cost at least Tk 50-60.
Flower decoration shop seller Mohammad Zakaria said, I have placed an advance order for flowers in the garden to meet the needs of the customers. Today good quality roses are selling for Tk 40. It will be sold for Tk 80-90 on Valentine’s Day. I am now selling pink colored foreign roses for Tk 100 per piece. On February 14, it will be sold at a price of more than Tk 150. Garden owners have also increased the prices Having to order at a higher price than before
Miraj Hossain Shahed, businessman of Shapla flower center, said that business will be better this year than other years, there is no political unrest. I hope that the sales will be good Special days sell several times more than other days We keep extra staff in stores to handle customers
Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad, President of ShahbaghBattala Small Flower Traders Cooperative Association, told that the garden owners have increased the price of flowers this time. So, we have to sell at a higher price Our target is to sell about Tk 15 crores worth of flowers Let’s see what happens I hope it will be a good business this time
Babul Prasad, president of Dhaka Flower Traders Kalyan BahumukhiSambay Samity Limited, told that we have Tk 35 to Tk 40 lakhs worth of wholesale flowers sold here every day. Expecting to sell more than 5 crores of flowers on February 14. In our market, flowers come from 24 districts including Jessore, Jhenaidah, Chuadanga, Rangpur, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar. Many people order flowers in advance. Those with low production and high demand are ordered more. Many farmers come here directly and sell flowers at wholesale prices

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