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Bangladesh - Tourism - December 3, 2022

Skilled manpower and planning hindrances of tourism sector

Staff Correspndent: The hilly district of Rangamati is a promising destination for tourism. Tourists flock here throughout the year to enjoy the natural beauty. Although tourism has immense potential, many people think that the development of the tourism industry is being disrupted due to the lack of specific government plans and skilled manpower.
The blue waters of the Kaptai lake and the mithali of the green hills attract the tourists again and again. Therefore, this hilly district is one of the most preferred destinations for tourists. Several tourist spots have already been developed in Rangamati with the efforts of new entrepreneurs in order to increase the travel pleasure of tourists in the tourism potential district.
However, due to lack of proper planning or official guidance, the tourism industry is not performing as expected. Even though the government has the potential to collect huge amount of revenue by utilizing tourism, it is not able to collect it. Similarly, there is shortage of skilled manpower. However, if skilled manpower and proper planning can be taken to advance the tourism sector, the unemployment of the region will be removed as well as the economic wheel will be accelerated, according to the tourist businessmen and the local conscious society.
Mishu Dey, administrator of Chengi Tourism in Rangamati, said, “I can say from experience while working in the tourism sector for a long time that the biggest problem here is the lack of skilled manpower.” Those who are have no training. Due to which we have to gain momentum to serve those who are coming from home and abroad. Besides, there is no specific plan to develop any tourist spot in Rangamati. As a result, tourist spots are being developed everywhere. As a result, they are not getting the number of customers they should be getting.
Rangamati tourist guide Nizam Uddin said, we have been involved in the tourist guide profession for a long time. We need training. Many unemployed youths want to enter this profession but due to lack of proper guidance and training they are not able to enter. Therefore, if training and proper guidelines can be given by the government, then I think that the tourist guide profession will play a role in eliminating unemployment in this region.
Writer Yachin Rana Sohail said, Chittagong Hill Tracts is a place of immense potential in the development of tourism industry. Sadly, the truth is that all the spots that exist naturally here are being destroyed due to governments mismanagement and lack of maintenance. An example is Sublong Jharna. This fountain is a well-known name to tourists from home and abroad. But sadly, due to mismanagement and lack of planning by the Satya government and administration, this sublong spring has now turned into a dead spring.
He also said, we can see that tourist spots are being developed in Rangamati almost privately. Those of us who write show the government through writing which spots in Rangamati are feasible. But the government is not taking any proper plan to develop these spots. Apart from this, the government is not providing any proper planning or support to those who are developing tourist spots privately.
If the government takes initiatives to improve the tourism sector properly, then the unemployment problem of a large population of Chittagong Hill Tracts will be removed and besides, the government will be able to collect a huge amount of revenue from this tourism sector.
Fazle Elahi, executive director of the environmentalist organization “Global Village”, said that if tourism is to be developed in any region, a master plan must first be made around that region. That master plan should be followed slowly towards implementation. But unfortunately, no master plan has been prepared for the tourism development of Rangamati, Khagrachari and Bandarban in Chittagong Hill Tracts.
Even no major allocation has been made by accepting any special project from any government level. To develop tourism in these areas, you must keep the environment in mind. Nothing can be done that damages the environment, causes disaster, disturbs the environment in the slightest. If you want to develop tourism by integrating the nature and environment of Chittagong Hill Tracts and involving the local people, then it is possible to build a successful tourism industry here. No alternative idea is possible beyond this.

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