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Social media addiction put boys out of performence

Progress in education

Farhad Chowdhury: It is observed in the recent years that the boys lag behind than girls in results of secondary and higher exams. The unemployment rate of male students has also increased as usual.
In the very recently published results of this year’s SSC and equivalent exams, girls are ahead in all aspects. The pass rate for girls is 84.47 percent against 81.57 percent for boys. Girls are also ahead in getting GPA-5. A total of 98,776 girls obtained GPA-5 against 83,353 boys.
Public examination results have been showing a similar picture for years. Everyone sees the progress of the students as positive. However, there is growing concern as to why students are gradually falling behind. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself also urged to investigate the reason why boys are lagging behind at the result.
Sheikh Hasina said, lately it is seen that juvenile gangs, why children will go this way, it is not acceptable. They need to study, they can work, join various activities. But we have to find out why this line (teenage gang) being created. We have to stop them from there, bring them to a healthy environment.
What causes boys to fall behind? The matter was discussed with educators, teachers and psychiatrists. According to them, excessive time spent on mobile phones, electronic devices and social media is mainly responsible for boys falling behind.
They say that the boys used to roam outside before. But he used to sit back at home to study. Now, in addition to roaming outside, the mobile phone is sinking back home. School students are not able to focus on studies due to excessive use of social media. Male students are getting more opportunities to use mobile phones than female students. Apart from this, involvement in juvenile delinquency is also one of the reasons behind the backwardness of boys.
Teachers also responded in academics’ tone. They say that they are seeing more interest in studies among female students. And parents are giving more importance to their studies as girls are interested in studies than boys. Even parents do not hesitate to spend more on girls’ education.
Addiction in social media
The trend of mobile phone usage among school going students is increasing. They are getting addicted to social media. As a result, attention is lost in studies.
Sirajul Islam Chowdhury, emeritus professor of Dhaka University said, “Boys are studying less, going outside more.” Even if you are at home, you are drowning in social media on your mobile phone. I have seen some surveys, observed myself, parents are handing mobile phones to school going boys. But he does not give it to the girl. Maybe some other thought is not giving. The girl is concentrating on her studies. And the boy is using Facebook, gaming. In this way, the boys are gradually becoming extremely inattentive to studies.
Rasheda K Chowdhury, advisor to former caretaker government and chief executive of Mass Literacy Campaign, said, “Our male students are now misusing internet and social media on a large scale. They spend hours and hours in gaming. Reading time is wasted. Along with this, he is becoming inattentive to studies.
Associate Professor of National Institute of Mental Health Helal Uddin Ahmad thinks that school students are becoming inattentive to studies due to excessive use of social media too. He said, ‘everything has an age and time. When a smartphone is given to a student studying in the sixth-seventh standard, the question remains as to how much he will use it properly.
Riazul Haque has passed SSC from Rajshahi Government Laboratory High School. His mother Rebecca Sultana is upset as the results are not as expected. She said, “The boy is very talented. But due to not studying properly, the result was not good. My son does not go out. Reads with mobile phone. Scolding makes you upset. Forced to use mobile phone.
Schoolchildren join teenage gangs
There is an increase in juvenile delinquency among school children. After leaving the class, teenagers are wandering around the neighborhood in groups – such a picture is visible in all areas. Many are getting involved in politics at a young age. In this, talented students are turning away from studies.
Rasheda K Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer of Mass Literacy Campaign said, “Boys are now getting used to showing heroism at a young age. They are forming teenage gangs. Many boys don’t even care about their parents to show heroism. The awareness about the values that has increased among girls, should be spread among boys as well. They have to understand family, social and state responsibilities. Then the boys will also progress in education on an equal footing.
Psychiatrist Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmad said, ‘teenagers now want to show heroism. They are more attracted to foreign culture. That’s why the teenager got involved in gangs. There is an opportunity to show heroism. Gradually they get involved in big crimes. Boys are falling behind in education. There is no way to get rid of this except for the parents to be aware.
Awareness in women’s education increased
Professor Sirajul Islam Chowdhury thinks that awareness has increased among female students, and its impact has started to be felt in the world of education in the country. The emeritus professor of Dhaka University told, ‘Why should girls study, be self-reliant; It has been worked very intensively for several decades in Bangladesh, and is still being done. That has a big impact. But this is seen in recent years. He said SSC, HSC, and in the case of higher education, girls are showing their position very well.
Rasheda K Chowdhury believes that family responsibility also plays an important role in girls’ attention to education. He told, “A girl still has to go through a lot of trouble to study.” For example, boys often go to school on bicycles. In that case a girl has to ride a rickshaw, van or car. The family bears the cost. Many girls think about the family spending on her. Because of this responsibility, many girls in the village, even in the city, focus on studies.
Former Director of Education and Research Institute of Dhaka University (DU) Siddiqur Rahman urged not to look at this progress of girls with crooked eyes. He said, “If the girls advance, the boys will also advance.” Because if the mother is educated and aware, that nation will also become an educated nation. But yes, to keep the social and state balance right, boys should also progress equally in education, workplace everywhere.
Anbisha Akhter Usha is a student of Bashundhara branch of Vikarunnisa Noon School and College in the capital. This time he got GPA-5 in all subjects in SSC exam. Usha’s father Ahidul Islam works in a private company. He gave a status expressing happiness on social media as his daughter got good results.
Ahidul Islam told, ‘I have taught the girl a lot. Teaching in Vikarunnisa is quite expensive. My income is low. Still, I gave my daughter tuition as much as I could. He has many interests. He has done well in both class 9th and 10th. Never gave a gap. Seeing his inclination towards studies, we want to teach him medicine.
Teachers believe that girls are more interested in studies than boys and their position is better in the results. Jagdish Chandra Pal, teacher of Vikarunnisa Noon School and College, told, “The interest of the students in studies is seen more. We have all students here. There is more competition among them on how to perform better than each other. That is why they are always doing well.
Motijheel Ideal School and College teacher Rezwan Mallik said that the students are as attentive in class as they are attentive in studying at home. Compared to that, the attention span of students is less. Many are brilliant but fall behind due to lack of focus in class.

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