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Bangladesh - February 14, 2024

Spring wind hints the last day of winter

Staff Correspondent: After seeing the fallen leaves from trees – it is understandable that the spring wind is currently blowing. The bee buzzing in the mango buds, the blossoming of flowers in the garden and the cooing of the cuckoo in the city are giving hints of the last day of winter.
According to the Bangla calendar, the month of the spring session starts from today. Even though the winter leaves, the capital Dhaka will feel cold for several more days.
Spring session starts from Falgun – which is also a special day for Bengalees. The “Falgun” and the “Valentine’s Day” will be celebrated today. Falgun is also called the month of love to the Bengalees. The first day of the month will be celebrated countrywide while Valentine’s Day will be celebrated all over the world including Bangladesh.

According to the old Bengali calendar, the first day of spring was 13 February. But after the revision of the calendar, spring has been delayed by one day. The research, compilation and dictionary and encyclopedia department of the Bangla Academy has worked to revise the Bengali calendar.

As per the revised calendar, the first six months from Boishakh to Ashsin will be counted for 31 days, Kartik to Magh for 30 days and Falgun for 29 days. However, in the leap year of the western calendar, the month of Falgun will be counted as 30 days instead of 29 days.

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