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Bangladesh - August 28, 2023

Students of seven colleges block Nilkhet intersection

Staff Correspondent: Students of seven colleges in Dhaka are staging a demonstration by blocking the Nilkhet intersection, demanding the scope for promotion to the next class through improvement examinations in three subjects after relaxing the condition of certain CGPA.
They started the demonstration around 12:00pm yesterday, Sunday.
Because of the students’ gathering, vehicular movement on the road stretching from Azimpur to Science Lab intersection has come to a stand still.
In February 2017, seven major colleges of Dhaka that were listed under the National University had been affiliated with Dhaka University.
The colleges are: Dhaka College, Eden Mohila College, Government Shaheed Suhrawardy College, KabiNazrulGovt College, Begum BadrunnessaGovt Girls College, Mirpur Govt Bangla College and GovtTitumir College.
After talking to students it was learnt that before the colleges were affiliated, students had the opportunity to get promoted in the next year even if they scored below CGPA 2.5 out of 4 in the final exams.
But after being affiliated with Dhaka University, the minimum score for being promoted in the next year was fixed at CGPA 2.5. This minimum CGPA is however different for students of different years.
Since their results are published way later, they don’t have the scope to sit for improvement exams if failed, said the students. And they have to fall behind a year because of this.
During yesterday’s demonstration, Mokhlesur Rahman who claims himself to be the spokesperson for seven college-students’ movement, told , “Our exam results have been published after nine months. And, it’s a huge discrimination towards us.”
Mokhlesur Rahman said that students only demand to have the opportunity to sit for an exam next year if they fail any subject.

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