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Bangladesh - Tourism - February 15, 2023

Sundarbans lost 451 km in 100-yrs

Forest area reduced by one 3rd

Staff Correspondent: Your Sundarbans is like a mother. This forest is called the oxygen reservoir of Bangladesh. But due to various reasons, including encroachment, river erosion and climate change, the forest area is now reduced to one third. That’s why experts say that everyone should come forward to ensure protection of the forest, no more torture. If not, this forest will be lost someday, and the existence of Bangladesh will be threatened.
Geologists say that the size of Sundarbans is decreasing day by day. The environment of Sundarbans is getting damaged due to decrease in size. Plants, vines and animals are decreasing. The Sundarbans is also getting weaker amid various adversities.
In 2020, the World Bank published some information about the decrease in the size of the Sundarbans in one of their reports. The report was done on the survival of people in the Sundarbans and forest-adjacent areas in keeping with climate change.
It was said in that report that the area of Sundarbans was 11,904 square kilometers in 1904-24. In 1967 it decreased to 11,663 square kilometers. In 2021, the area decreased to 11,506 square kilometers. In 2015-16, the area was 11,506 square kilometers. That is, in the last 100 years, the area of the Sundarbans has decreased by 451 square kilometers.
The convenor of Mongla region of Bangladesh Environmental Movement (Bapa) said that Sundarban is getting smaller day by day. Noor Alam Sheikh. When asked why it is getting smaller, he told the Bangla Tribune, “People are constantly occupying the Sundarbans and building houses and bazaars. The Sundarbans are shrinking due to the rise in sea level due to climate change. For this reason, the government has to adopt a zero-tolerance policy to protect the Sundarbans.
At the same time, forest protection and law enforcement forces should be stricter in preventing people from entering the Sundarbans.
Sundarbans is constantly protecting us in various natural disasters said the Chairman of Save the Sundarbans Foundation Sheikh Faridul Islam. He told, “The Sundarbans has become a protection for us in the face of devastating cyclones and natural disasters.
As air pollution is being purified through this Sundarbans, opportunities for purifying clean air are also being created. These forests are also an indispensable part of the livelihood of the coastal marginal communities. Professionals extract various things from the forest, including honey, betel leaves, fish, crabs. Therefore, the protection of Bangladesh must be ensured through the protection of Sundarbans.
There are numerous rivers and canals in the Sundarbans. The total length of these canals and rivers laid like water is about 350 km. These rivers and canals are filled with tide water twice a day, and water recedes twice at low tide. Due to tides, the banks of the river break and build again. But it has been seen in 100 years, the erosion is more. Which could not be prevented even today.
That’s why if the Sundarbans does not survive, Bangladesh will not survive said Khulna University Environmental Science Department professor Dr. Abdullah Haroon Chowdhury. He told the Bangla Tribune, “There is no room for doubt that Bangladesh will not survive if the Sundarbans do not survive.” If the mangrove survives, it can become a strong wall against cyclones. Besides, this forest should be kept alive to protect the environment. For this, all concerned should come forward.
Sundarbans department officials say, Sundarbans is not a personal property of anyone, not even of any office or ministry. This forest is like the mother of all. So, everyone should protect this forest with love.
Howladar Azad Kabir, the officer-in-charge of East Sundarbans Karamjal Tourism Center and Wildlife Breeding Center, told Bangla Tribune, “The biggest threat to Sundarbans is climate change and violence against the forest by some people. Once the forest trees were cut, now they are not. However, the Sundarbans are being damaged due to fishing with poison. If this torture continues, there will be no Sundarbans. So, to save this forest, not only February 14 Forest Day should be observed, but everyone should be aware about the forest.

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