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Tourism - October 2, 2021

Sundarbans tourism system being automated

Khulna Bureau: The tourism management of the Sundarbans is going to be introduced in an automated way. With a specific app, a tourist can complete all the activities of Sundarbans travel at home. As a result, the travel-related activities and time of tourists will be saved on one hand while the Forest Department will ensure the service easier for tourists on the other. Besides, orderly travel management will also be ensured.
According to the Forest Department, this automation program of Sundarbans travel management is being implemented under the Skill Development Project for Mobile Games and Applications under the Information and Communication Technology Division. The proposed app has been named ‘Sundarbans’.
It was learned that any tourist from any part of the country and abroad can get all the information of Sundarbans travel through these apps. Here they can find the list of tourist centers and boats and other detailed information including the address and number of boat owners.
Prominent traveler Md. Masum Mia said, “We enjoy this facility while traveling abroad. However, this system was not introduced in the country. The introduction of an automation system for Sundarbans travel is a matter of great pleasure for tourists.
This will make tourists more interested in the Sundarbans.”
Tour Operators Association of Sundarbans (TOAS) President Md. Moinul Islam Joardar said the automation system will take one step further in Sundarbans Travel Digital Bangladesh. “We hope tourists, tour operators and Forest Department will be benefitted from this. However, in this automation system, those concerned should be aware so that there should not be anything that hinders the travel,” he added.

Mihir Kumar Do, a forest conservator of the Khulna region, said the Sundarbans travel system is being automated as part of building a digital Bangladesh. It is being implemented under the A2I program of the Prime Minister’s Office. This will further improve the tourism activities of the Forest Department and will benefit all those involved in tourism.
About one and a half to two lakh tourists visit the Sundarbans every year. Proper management of this huge number of tourists becomes difficult with limited manpower. However, the work will be much easier if the automation system is introduced, said Dr. Abu Naser Mohsin Hossain, DFO of the Sundarbans West Division and the focalperson of the automation project.
DFO Abu Nasser added that the automation system should not intimidate tourists and the current system will be operational from December this year along with the online system to make everyone accustomed to it. He hoped a proper tourism management would be established in the Sundarbans in this way.

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