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Bangladesh - February 4, 2024

Tk 216,000cr spent for 8 mega projects

87.28 pc works completed

Syed Nasir Hossain: Relief has returned to the mega project to protect the continuity of the government. In spite of various crises, the average progress in 8 mega projects under fast track stands at 87.28 percent. Tk 2 lakh 16 thousand 390 crore 69 lakh has been spent so far.
From the beginning to last December, the financial progress of these projects has been 73.31 percent.
The total expenditure for the implementation of these projects has been estimated at Tk3 lakh 6 thousand 268 crore 92 lakh. Although Padma Bridge has been completed 100%, the project is still going on. However, the metro rail has been inaugurated up to Motijheel.
The entire project is nearing completion. This information is known from the progress report of the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED) prepared till December.
Former Planning Minister MA Mannan had earlier told that the government’s continuity has brought relief for mega projects. Because the people have evaluated our work in the 12th national parliament election. As a result, development will continue.
If there is political stability in the country, there will be progress. People want continuity of development of the country. So, the issue has been considered while voting.
The projects are Padma Bridge, Metrorail, Rooppur Nuclear Power Project, Rampal Power Project, Matarbari Power Project, Payra Deep Sea Port, Rail Link at Padma Bridge and Single Line Dual Gauge Track Construction Project from Dohazari-Ramu to Cox’s Bazar and Ramu-Ramu to Ghumdhum near Myanmar.
Former lead economist of the World Bank Dhaka office Zahid Hossain told on Saturday that historically no new government has stopped any major ongoing project.
For example, Jamuna bridge and Dhaka Chittagong four lane project are examples. These projects lasted till the tenure of several governments. Even if small local projects are closed, the absence of government does not have much impact on projects of national importance. However, there may have been changes in the project management, but the project continued. So, I can’t say whether it is relief or not to protect the continuity of the government.
Padma Setu: The Padma Setu project was inaugurated on June 25 last year. The actual progress of the bridge has also been 100%. But till now the work of the project has not been completed. Till last December, Tk29,911.20crore has been spent under the project. Financial progress stands at 91.74 percent.
The physical progress of the entire project has been 100 percent. It has been estimated to cost Tk32,605.52 crore for its implementation. The project started operations in January 2009. The period has been extended several times.
Metrorail: The Uttara-Agargaon section of the Metrorail project was inaugurated on December 28 last year. This section has been opened for public movement from December 29 at scheduled times. Later it was opened up to Motijheel. Now Uttara-Motijheel train is running regularly. However, the entire project will have to wait till December 2025 for completion.
Tk23,340.30 crore has been spent under the project since its inception. Financial progress has been 69.73 percent. Physical progress is 85 percent. The total cost of implementing the project, including the revised cost, stands at Tk33,471.99 crore.
Scheduled to be completed between July 2012 and June 2024. The second amendment extended the period till December 2025 with the increase in expenditure. Its original cost was Tk21,985 crores. Due to addition of additional section from Motijheel to Kamalapur, this cost and duration has increased.
Rooppur Nuclear Power Project: The physical progress of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant project since its inception till December is 62.74 percent. Tk68,248.23 crore has been spent so far under the project. In this case, the financial progress has been 60.35 percent. Tk 113,092.91 crore is being spent on the implementation of the project.
The project is targeted for implementation between July 2016 and December 2025. The production target of the first unit of this power project was by the end of this year. But the plant’s production is lagging behind due to delays in transmission line work due to the Covid pandemic.
Due to this, the Rooppur project can come into production by the end of 2024. Along with that, the complexity of paying the current debt has not been completely resolved yet.
Rail connection to Padma Bridge: Tk31,087.39 crore has been spent on the project of rail connection to Padma Bridge till last December. The financial progress of the project has been 79.21 percent.
Besides, physical progress has been 87 percent. Its implementation will cost a total of Tk39,246 crores. The project is targeted for implementation between January 2016 and June 2024.
Maheshkhali-Matarbari integrated program: Maheshkhali-Matarbari integrated infrastructure development program (with 12 projects) has been estimated at Tk51,854.88 crore. Implementation is targeted between July 2014 and June 2026. Tk36,984.99 crore has been spent till December. Financial progress is 71.32 percent and overall progress stands at 82 percent.
Rampal Power Project: Tk16 thousand crore are being spent on its implementation. Tk14,641 crores have been spent till last December. Financial progress stands at 91.51 percent. Physical progress has been 97.05 percent.
Payra Deep Sea Port: This project is being implemented at a cost of Tk 4,374 crore. Tk 3,771.92 crore has been spent till December. Financial progress was 86.08 percent and physical progress stood at 92.40 percent.
Dohazari-Cox’s Bazar-Ghumdhum Railway: Construction of single line dual gauge track through Dohazari-Ramu to Cox’s Bazar and Ramu-Myanmar up to Ghumdhum is being spent at a cost of Tk 18,034.48 crore. Tk8,405.65 crore has been spent till last December. The financial progress of the project has been 46.61 percent. Besides, physical progress has been 92 percent.

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