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District - June 9, 2021

Tk 46cr damage for 11 govt departments

Cyclone Yaas

Industry Desk: Eleven government departments in Bagherhat have suffered a damage of at least Tk46 crore due to Cyclone Yaas which passed through the country’s coastal areas late last month. The district administration has already started cooperation to repair the damaged infrastructures and rehabilitate people.
According to the Bagerhat District Relief and Rehabilitation Office, various roads in Bagerhat have suffered the most due to the tidal waves caused by Cyclone Yaas. In the district, 22 km paved roads, 55.75 km brick roads and 135.64 km unpaved roads have been damaged which caused a loss of Tk18.22 crore.
The Water Development Board has also suffered a huge loss as the cyclone damaged 31.88 km embankment in 22 places, 2.8 km river banks in 14 places and 15 bridges and culverts. In total, the Water Development Board has lost at least Tk14 crore.
The district relief and rehabilitation office said the fisheries sector has suffered a loss of around Tk9.96 crore as Cyclone Yaas washed away 6,100 shrimp and fish enclosures, and 385 crab enclosures. Besides, 20 fishing boats and 30 nets were also damaged.
The cyclone also damaged several houses in the district. According to the authorities, two houses were completely damaged and 657 houses were partially damaged due to Yaas. The homeowners have suffered a loss of around Tk1.51 crore.
The department of livestock services has suffered a loss of Tk2.51 lakh, agriculture department Tk64.16 lakh, department of public health Tk1.19 crore, forest department Tk12.70 lakh and power division has suffered a loss of Tk5.11 lakh.
Two primary schools, four secondary schools and four madrasas were also damaged in Bagerhat which have caused a loss of Tk6.30 lakh. The cyclone has damaged the infrastructure of a hospital that would need Tk1 lakh to repair.
Meanwhile, Cyclone Yaas destroyed various infrastructures of the Sundarbans East Forest Department and caused a loss of at least Tk60 lakh.
Bagerhat Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Azizur Rahman said, “The government has aided those affected by Cyclone Yaas. So far, Tk2.12 crore have been given in 75 unions and 3 municipalities. In addition, in each of the 9 upazilas, the government has provided Tk1 lakh for baby food and Tk1 lakh for cow food.”
The government has created a list of the affected people and all of them will get compensation, he added.

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