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Tourism - July 15, 2021

Tourist spots to stay closed even as lockdown eases

Staff Correspondent: The Bangladesh government has ordered tourist venues to remain closed and maintained the ban on public gatherings during the week-long easing of pandemic restrictions ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.
The Cabinet Division’s instructions on the lifting of lockdown restrictions were further elaborated in a statement yesterday.
Despite a pause in the restrictions from midnight on Jul 14 to 6 am on Jul 23, all tourist venues, resorts, community centres and entertainment centres must remain closed and all public gatherings for social, political or religious events, including weddings, birthdays, picnics and parties are still forbidden, the statement said.
The statement added that all health protocols, including wearing masks, must be maintained strictly.
The easing of restrictions was announced by the Cabinet Division on Tuesday.
“The decision was taken to celebrate the holy Eid-ul-Azha, to allow the public to travel, so that pre-Eid business and commerce can be conducted, in consideration of the socio-economic condition of the country and the need to maintain normal economic activity,” it said in a circular.
After the Eid holidays end, pandemic restrictions will again take effect after 6 am on Jul 23 and remain in place until Aug 5.
Factories must also stay closed and government workers must remain close to their workplaces and conduct their office work virtually under these new restrictions, the government said.

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