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Bangladesh - December 6, 2023

Travelers’ life becoming miserable for offload seal

Special Correspondent: Habibur Rahman, astudent of a college in Uttara. Although Bangladeshi by birth, his original residence is in the North-24 Parganas of Kolkata. His maternal grandfather’s family members live there. Recently got a long vacation from college and will visit various houses in India. He got visa forgoing through the immigration at the airport. He said that the plane ticket has been booked. Arrive one hour before flight departure (except) schedule. Entered and went to the immigration barrier.
An officer in immigration wants to know why I am going to India? Answer to visit and get treatment. After that, the immigration officer put offload stamped on my passport. When asked later, the official said that the passport has only a visit visa, but there was no mention in the passport about the fact that I was going to undergo treatment. A large number of people were seen thronging the reception room of the SB office in Malibagh with complications related to passport offloading.
Another victim is student Hasan Mahmud. He attended a university in Malaysia. Recently he was hit by an offload seal while returning home after a holiday. The student said that there was a 20-minute delay in reaching at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport due to the traffic jam. Then I quickly came to the immigration line. After standing in the immigration line late, the immigration officer bombarded me with questions one after another. Why is it late, I don’t study or work in Malaysia. At one stage, I was told to contact the immigration department of the SB office in Malibagh with an offload seal on my passport. Another victim businessman said, he has an export-import business. Often have to go to several countries including India, China.
Recently, when he arrived at the airport for going to Dubai on business, he gave the wrong answer to an immigration officer’s question and because he could not spell his name as per the passport, the immigration officer considered it suspicious and offloaded the passport.
A Japanese citizen came to visit Bangladesh. While returning home after 20 days, he was asked where he stayed in Bangladesh. The Japanese citizen’s passport was offloaded because he could not talk about the address he was staying at. According to sources, Benapole immigration authorities seized 16 Bangladeshi offload passports bound for India last week.
Offload passports of these passengers were seized from Benapole railway station and Benapole land port immigration. These passports are offloaded from Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport. The passports were offloaded for various reasons. However, these passengers try to enter India by changing the route. After being caught by the immigration police, all those passports were seized and sent to the Dhaka SB headquarters.
Sources concerned with immigration said that a person’s passport can be offloaded for various reasons. Especially in the case of students, if someone seems suspicious, if the immigration officer thinks that the student is going abroad for the purpose of work and not study, such a problem can arise. Apart from this, many people go to Europe and other developed countries in the name of travel and stay for a long time. Passports may be offloaded if the immigration officer suspects so. In this case, if a person is facing this situation, then he should go to SB office. And apply for lifting of offload following specific process. If the offload is not lifted, he will have to wait till the visa expires. After the visa expires, you can re-take the flight by applying for a new e-visa. Immigration and SB sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said passports are usually not offloaded unless there are visa complications or a criminal offense against the person.
Top terrorist, most wanted, engaged in treasonous activities, suspicious behavior, false information are offloaded in these cases. Immigration and SB are informed about the matter in advance from the police station where there is a complaint about the concerned person.
Later, when the person wanted to leave the country, he was detained by offloading his passport before crossing the immigration. Police Headquarters Deputy Inspector General (DIG-Operations) Anwar Hossain said that passports are offloaded based on specific reasons or complaints. Apart from this no one has the opportunity to offload the passport. This is done by immigration for specific reasons. And SB works to solve the offload process. He said that the SB headquarters will be able to tell the details in this regard.
Global Economist Forum sources told Daily Industry that the dis-cooperation of on duty immigration officers in different airports and land ports like the ‘offload’ stumping spoil life many youths. They somehow manage a visa in any country to build fortune without the patronization of the government but the non-cooperation of SB officers engaged in immigration duty bring catastrophe in life, the sources added.

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