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Bangladesh - November 13, 2023

Two bridges to build at cost of Tk 5,500 cr

Approved in ECNEC meeting

Syed Nasir Hossain: The government has taken up the project of constructing two separate bridges over Meghna-Dhanagoda river in Chandpur and Arial Kha river in Barisal to improve the transportation system. The initial cost of construction of two bridges has been estimated at Tk 5,617 crores. If there are two bridges, besides the development of the communication system of these regions, the financial and quality of life of the locals will be improved.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina approved the two projects in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) held last October.
According to the Planning Commission sources, the construction cost of the project titled “Construction of bridge over Meghna-Dhanagoda river on Matlab North-Gazaria road” has been estimated at Tk 4,174.67 crore. Out of this, the government will give Tk 660.72 crore. The project will give a loan of Tk 3,513.95 crores. Bangladesh Bridge Authority will implement the project. The implementation period of the project is from January 2024 to December 2028. According to DPP sources of the project, the project will be constructed in Ghazaria of Munshiganj district and Matlab Uttar Upazila of Chandpur district.
The purpose of the project is to construct a 1.85 km long bridge over Meghna-Dhanagoda river to connect Ghazaria of Munshiganj district and Matlab Uttar Upazila of Chandpur district.
Major works of the project include construction of 1.85 km bridge. 7.52 km link road. Toll Plaza Construction and Engineering Facility. 2.22 km river management works. Transfer of utilities (electricity, gas and others). Environmental activities. Acquisition and rehabilitation of 200.22 acres of land. Consultancy (design review and construction supervision).
The project is included in the unallocated unauthorized new project list in the ADP for the fiscal year 2023-2024. The Planning Commission said in their opinion that if the project is implemented, direct road connectivity will be established with GhazariaUpazila of Munshiganj District and Matlab Uttar Upazila of Chandpur District. Apart from this, a direct and uninterrupted road communication network suitable for movement in all weathers will be established with Ghazariaupazila of Munshiganj district and its surrounding areas and Matlab Uttar upazila of Chandpur district with Dhaka, Chittagong, Noakhali and other districts.
The name of the other one is the project of “Construction of Mirganj Bridge over Arial Kha River at the eighth kilometer of Rahmatpur-Babuganj-Muladi-Hijla Highway (Z-8034)”. It will be implemented by the Department of Roads and Public Ways (SOAZ). The total cost of the project is estimated at Tk 1,442.59 crore. The entire amount will be borne by the government. The implementation period of the project is from January 2024 to December 2028. The bridge will be constructed in Babuganj and Muladi upazilas of Barisal district. The purpose of the project is to establish an uninterrupted road communication system with Barisal divisional city by constructing Mirganj bridge over Arial Kha river in place of ferry service at eighth kilometer of Rahmatpur-Babuganj-Muladi-Hijla highway (Z-8034). Construction of 1484 meters main bridge and viaduct. Link Roads and others. River bank protection work. 21.55 hectare land acquisition and compensation. The Consultancy Services Project has been included in the list of unsanctioned new projects in the Annual Development Program for the financial year 2023-24.
According to the opinion of the Planning Commission regarding the project, if the proposed Mirganj bridge is constructed over the Arial Kha river, the socio-economic condition of the area will be improved along with the establishment of direct and unhindered road communication between Barisal divisional headquarters and Muladi and Hijlaupazilas with the capital.

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