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Bangladesh - February 3, 2024

UN dialogue for safe repatriation to Myanmar urged

Rohingyas unite in rally

HM Faridul Alam Shaheen, Cox’s Bazar : Rohingyas in the Ukhia camp are rallying together to express their collective desire to return to Myanmar. This time, it is the young generation leading the Rohingyas in calling upon UN agencies to engage in discussions regarding repatriation. They emphasized that if their concerns are not addressed, they are prepared to return to Myanmar en masse. The gathering also appealed to their relatives in Rakhine not to abandon their homeland despite the ongoing conflicts.
Rohingyas from 33 camps in Ukhia and Teknaf, including head sailors, sub sailors, religious leaders, and women, participated in the rally, all dressed in white shirts and lungis. The majority of participants were Rohingya youths.
Security forces maintained a presence at the entrance for security purposes, allowing Rohingya volunteers entry based on identification cards. By 9:00 am, the venue was filled to capacity, with Rohingyas expressing their strong desire to return to Myanmar.
Solim Ullah from Camp 13 stated, “We have a country; Arakan in Myanmar is our homeland. We want to go back home.” Another resident from Camp 26, Habib, who has spent seven years in a foreign country, expressed a strong desire to return to Myanmar, asserting his rights.
During the rally, Rohingyas chanted various slogans, expressing their determination to return home. A minute of silence was observed for Rohingyas facing challenges in Rakhine.

Syed Ullah, founder of the Rohingya organization ROFDMNRC, emphasized the ongoing hardships faced by their relatives in Arakan, urging them not to abandon their homeland. The United Nations agencies were warned from the gathering to take immediate initiatives for repatriation discussions with the Rohingyas.
Kamal Hossain, founder of the Rohingya organization ROFDMNRC, expressed optimism that with the support of the youth, the rights of their parents, brothers, and sisters would be secured, leading to a potential return to their country within one year. At the conclusion of the three-hour rally, the Rohingyas expressed gratitude to Bangladesh for providing shelter.

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