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Bangladesh - Management - December 18, 2023

US could because of Arab Spring in BD

Russian Foreign Ministry

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, made the first complaint on Nov 23

Rabiul Haque: Russia has expressed fear that the United States may try to cause incidents like the Arab Spring in Bangladesh after the elections. In a statement on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Washington may apply pressure on Bangladesh in several ways, including sanctions, in the next few weeks.
Russia has been complaining that the United States is interfering in the internal politics of Bangladesh. In the meantime, Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, made the first complaint on November 23. On that day, he said, US Ambassador Peter Haas had a meeting with the leaders of the opposition political parties in October to destabilize the political situation in Bangladesh. However, Washington directly rejected Moscow’s accusations.
In a statement on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said there is a risk of an Arab Spring-like situation in Bangladesh after the January 7 election.
Before that (in the next few weeks), Washington may apply some more pressure, including sanctions, against the Bangladesh government. The main industrial companies of Bangladesh may be the target of the Biden administration.
The United States can also indict many officials for obstructing the democratic process. Zakharova commented that the United States will bring these charges without irrefutable evidence
Referring to the incidents of anti-government protests, road traffic stoppages, burning of buses and clashes with the police in different areas of Bangladesh, he said, “We can see the connection between these incidents and the suspicious activities of a Western diplomatic mission in Dhaka.” Especially the meeting with the opponents of US Ambassador Peter Haas, which we talked about in the last November 22 briefing.
Regarding the January 7th election, he said, if the will of the people is not reflected in that election, then the United States may try to destabilize the situation in Bangladesh on the pattern of ‘Arab Spring’. Commenting that this would be “unfortunate”, Zakharova said that Russia believes that the friendly people of Bangladesh will finally make the right decision by confronting the “conspiracy” of any external power on the issue of governance.

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