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Bank & Finance - May 9, 2022

US Dollar price touches Tk 93 in open market

Staff Correspondent: The market is not going to be controlled due to price volatility. The price of dollar is constantly rising. In the open market, there is a huge imbalance between supply and demand. As a result, you have to buy in the open market with around Tk 92 to Tk 93 per dollar. Passengers traveling abroad are suffering due to this.
At the latest central bank exchange rate, the exchange rate stood at Tk 86.45 per dollar. Among the private banks, the rate is Tk 85.50 for buying and selling at Tk 86.50. However, in the open market and cash prices, the dollar is being traded from Tk 91.80 to Tk 93.
People have not been out of the country for a long time due to the global pandemic coronavirus. Many people are going abroad for treatment as the situation in Corona is now normal. Many are going to travel outside the country again. Due to these reasons the demand for dollar has increased a lot. Prices have also gone up due to low supply in proportion to demand. However, the highest increase in the open market during the month of Ramadan. Many went for Umrah and the open market vendors took the opportunity.
According to bank officials, the tourism sector has started to recover since the situation in Corona returned to normal. The borders of different countries of the world have opened. People are traveling to different countries for professional work, education, medical treatment and shopping. This is affecting the price of the country’s open market dollar.
And exchange house and open market traders say people are not coming to sell dollars now. Those who are coming are just to buy. Due to this the price of dollar is rising.
Many people have come to Motijheel Yunus Center area to buy open market dollars. “I will go to Bangalore for treatment,” Asad told. Here it is Tk 92.60 per dollar. Everyone says there are no dollars, the same price. I was forced to buy in an emergency.
Another buyer, Hamid Akhter, said that if you want to buy dollars in the bank, you need various documents. There (banks) are available at low rates but not all paperwork is brought along so open market is my hope. Even if the price is high, you have to take it from here.
Ripon Hassan, a dollar seller in the open market, said that since the Corona situation has returned to normal, dollar buyers have increased and sellers have not. Now everyone is coming to buy dollars, not to sell. Naturally, when there are more buyers, there is a crisis, so the price has also increased a bit.

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