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US want to deepen relationship, cooperation with Bangladesh

Diplomatic Correspondent: The United States said it is looking forward to deepening relationship and cooperation with Bangladesh on a number of key issues, “regardless of political party or candidates.”
“Our hope for any election taking place around the world is that they are free and fair and accessible,” Vedant Patel, principal deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State, said during a press briefing on May 15 (US time) at the State Department while responding to a question.
But beyond that, he said, he has nothing else to offer insight on when it comes to “political parties or candidates or anything like that.”
He said, last year the two countries celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations.
Earlier, US Deputy Assistant Secretary Afreen Akhter visited Bangladesh and attended the 6th Indian Ocean Conference on May 12-13. “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to learn more about Bangladesh’s struggle for freedom and democracy,” she tweeted, mentioning that the Liberation War Museum movingly conveys what Bangladeshis experienced during that time.

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