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Bangladesh - August 5, 2021

USA investors enthralled by Bangladesh’s progress

Industry Desk:The week-long roadshow, an initiative of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), to showcase the strength and opportunities of business and investment in Bangladesh for the investors abroad, were successfully held in four cities- New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco- from July 26 to August 2, 2021 in the United States of America.
The expatriate and American investors invited to these mega international events were enthralled by the overall progress of the policy in various sectors including economic development, investment-friendly opportunities and prospects, development activities, and the stock market in Bangladesh.
The guests- expatriate Bangladeshis and American investors- came up with the commendations at the final phase of the BSEC’s roadshow at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, Silicon Valley on August 2.
To demonstrate the scenario and the opportunities to the investors, the distinguished delegates joined in a US-Bangladesh Tech Investment Summit along with tech industry conglomerates and investors at this roadshow.
The main title of the USA roadshow was- ‘THE RISE OF BENGAL TIGER: Potentials of Trade and Investment in Bangladesh.’
Vijay Menon, executive director of the San Francisco based organization The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), in the inaugural session said, ‘I think this roadshow is a great opportunity to help Bangladesh redefine startup policies. This is also a great opportunity for the people of Bangladesh to connect with the global networks. Bangladesh will find great advisors and investors here in the Silicon Valley. Connecting with this network is a very effective way for the startups in the South Asian nation.’
AnisUzzaman, founder and CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures, said, ‘Our organization has investments all over the world. We invest in four divided zones in the world where the first zone is America, maintaining the second largest zone is East Asia. Besides, we started investing in South Asia by starting in Bangladesh. We have $1.7 billion investments over six companies in Bangladesh.’
Representative of Angels Group, Cathy Farmer, also said that their group is interested to invest in Bangladesh.
Rudmila, an entrepreneur in the city, said she has two startups- ‘XR’ and ‘Robotic and AI’- in San Francisco. We’ve operations in the San Francisco and Bangladesh. We’ve been working with the Bangladesh government for the last six months. We’re greatly impressed by the progress and the vision of the digital Bangladesh.’
The third phase of the week-long roadshow was held on July 30 at the Inter Continental Los Angeles Downtown while the second roadshow was be held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Washington DC on July 28.
Earlier, the first phase of the roadshow was held at Manhattan, New York (July 26, 2021).

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