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Bangladesh - April 28, 2024

Which way to solve severe heat wave?

* Heat wave to survive to plant trees by jumping even if you read no correct the plan

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Farhad Chowdhury: A breath of public life in the intense heat wave. All social media. Discussions about climate, environment and environment are intense. Someone has jumped to plant trees. Someone is suggesting to plant trees, some organization has taken the initiative again. But the question is, will the heat be reduced by planting trees? Who will plant trees, where to plant them, when to plant them – there are many differences. Which way to actually control the temperature?
Bushra Afrin, chief heat officer of Dhaka North City Corporation, is again at the center of discussion amid the ongoing heat wave. She says, ‘Urban forest’ should be built. She is talking about the importance of arranging ‘cooling space’ in important places of Dhaka, planting more trees.
Experts say, this heat wave is the result of long-term environmental pollution. This temperature control will not be possible by humans. In this case, it is possible to reduce the heat wave through adequate greenery.
Change Initiative chief executive and climate change analyst Zakir Hossain told, “The North City Corporation is less green than the South City Corporation in the capital. In the south there are many green spaces including Botanical Garden, Ramna Park, Dhaka University, BUET. However, there is not much greenery in the north-east side of the capital.
Although various residential and commercial projects have been developed, the areas are not beautified. There are only concrete buildings. In this case, emphasis should be placed on planting trees in North City. If you think about the condition of the whole city, you can see that Dhaka is not a desert city, Bangladesh is a tropical country.
This climate analyst said, “We have to understand how many degrees we can reduce the temperature by planting trees.” Studies have shown that it is possible to reduce the temperature by up to three degrees by green fencing. We need at least 25 percent greenery as per the size and population of our city. But the effects of climate change are getting worse ahead. In that case, the demand for greenhouses will increase.
On increasing greening, he said, ‘Government can make a mega plan. A tree planting festival should be organized at home, in educational institutions. The administration may make it compulsory to plant trees in private compounds. For example, if the trees are not planted, the citizens will have to increase the holding tax by 10 percent, and if the trees are planted, the tax will be reduced. Our plans are not going well. That is why the plan does not last more than five years. We need to take a 30 to 50 year plan to deal with climate change. Then I will be able to deal with the adverse effects of climate.
Although a plan has been taken to plant trees in the city, urban planners are expressing apprehension about the lack of adequate space due to unplanned urbanization of the capital. Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) Department of Urban and Regional Planning titled ‘Green area of Dhaka city and its political economy’ has revealed that there is 20 percent green area in Dhaka city, there is less than 8.5 percent. In addition, they blame the lack of proper planning by the authorities on where to plant trees, which trees are applicable in which places and whether they will be long-term or not.
When and where to plant trees, whose responsibility?
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Department of Jahangirnagar University and President of Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP) Adil Mohammad Khan told, “Planting trees is a type of science. Now everyone is making hype about planting trees. But the ideal time to plant trees is the rainy season. Our city authorities should keep in mind which species of trees should be planted according to the place. In this case, trees should be planted according to the category on the side of the road, house yard, park and field, roof of the house. May it be long-term, not cut. But these plans are not greening the city.
This urban planner also said, ‘In our city, trees are planted only according to the project. But how to make the whole city green is not planned. If we plant trees now, we will get the results after five to 10 years. And if the plants that are there now are cared for rather than cut down, we will reap immediate benefits. How many trees should be planted now, which areas should be planted with importance – these things should be in the plan. We are experiencing this temperature due to lack of proper planning.
The question is who will plan the planting of trees? In this case, there should be coordination between the City Corporation and the Forest Department. The forest department will advise them. And botanists and architects should be included in this plan. The budgets of our city corporation do not have much budget for the environment’ added Adil Mohammad Khan.
Environment activists said that central planning to increase forest area at city as well as district and upazila levels should be emphasized to bring down the temperature across the country. Regional administration should work properly to implement this plan.
Environment BachaoAndolan (PABA) General Secretary Mejbah Uddin Sumon told, ‘Time is very important for planting trees. Now we cannot supply the amount of water required for planting trees. That’s why when the rains start, the sap comes to the ground, then the trees have to be planted. After the high temperature is felt now everyone is looking for a solution. Everyone is now realizing that there really aren’t enough plants around. Even at our village level, the temperature is now feeling high. Current maximum temperature in Jessore, Chuadanga. Plants are also being killed there. The administration should also emphasize tree plantation there through the local forest department.
Proper planning is required
Environmental activist Mejbah Uddin Sumon said, “I think we need enough space to plant trees.” Whether it is in our city or not is a matter of consideration. Planting trees in large areas requires planning and time to plant trees, so that it is long-term. The effects of climate change do not change overnight. The marshland that was around us, the green that was there is no more. Not only trees, water bodies keep our cities cool. In the same way, the present condition of Dhaka in the villages did not happen in a day. Once upon a time, this reservoir used to teem in summer. Today we don’t have that reservoir for miles.’
Professor Ishrat Islam, dean of BUET’s Faculty of Architecture and Planning, told, “Plantations are not taking place on the side of the road in our city but as planned. There are big government projects, but land architects and botanists are not kept in the projects. This is a big problem. But we have already predicted that climate change will lead to such a situation. Accordingly, we could not arrange our city properly.
In planting trees, I think citizens should be aware along with the administration. According to Rajuk’s guidelines, 40 percent of the ground cover should be soil in the new houses that are being built at present. Plantation of trees should be ensured in these places. Besides, planting trees on the roof or yard of everyone’s house can help.
Harunur Rashid, Deputy Director of Environment Department’s Climate Change and International Convention Branch told, “We actually do advocacy. Planting trees is not our responsibility. It is the responsibility of City Corporation, Rajuk and local government. We only advise. We are working on what kind of steps are needed to escape from the current heat island.
“In the meantime, a project is going on, where the city corporation, Rajuk, other stakeholders are consulting together on how we can get out of this problem. We are now working on both Blue and Green Book and Reservoir. Once this project is completed, I will advise the Rajuk City Corporation and they will act accordingly.
Emphasis should be placed on service
Meanwhile, although there is a lack of greenery in the capital, what is there is not being properly cared for. Often trees are being cut on roadsides and road dividers. The trees in the park are being cut down. Last year too, numerous trees were cut down at the road divider of Satmasjid Road in the capital. Various circles, including environmentalist organizations, have also made agitations and struggles about this. That’s why botanists have advised to plant trees as per the plan and retain the greenery.
Moniruzzaman, Professor of Plant Science Department of Jagannath University told, “We don’t just plant trees. Trees need to be cared for. Our authorities cannot plan what kind of trees will be needed in what environment, whether those trees can grow or not. We often see people on the street walking in the shade. Everyone seeks a little shade, but there is no green in the city. A tree should be planted on the side of the road so that the tree will not be cut down for several years. In this case, trees that produce more leaves should be planted, including medicinal plants, flowering plants.
“Due to concrete in our parks, trees are dying day by day. If the tree dies due to the concrete at the base of the tree, it is not possible to plant another tree there. Thus, our green is being killed. A park is all about walking and sitting, but there is no provision for how a tree will grow there. How the plant will get nutrients, juice is not planned. For this reason, besides planting trees, more importance should be given to tree care, then the beautification will increase.

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