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Who is going to be new IGP?

N I Talukder: he 31st Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Bangladesh Police is Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun. He is on the post for the second term after being appointed on contractual basis for one and a half years. The term of that appointment will end on July 11. There are many rumors about whether the current IGP Mamun will remain at the head of more than 250,000 policemen or someone new will come.
Several names are being heard as the next police chief. However, a reliable source says that the current IGP Dr. Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun can be re-appointed on contractual basis in this post. According to the source, the current IGP Mamun’s contractual term may be increased considering the current situation of the police after the corruption case of former IGP Benazir Ahmed came to light. If this happens, Mamun will be the longest serving IGP in the country. Earlier, there were two consecutive terms of IGP, but no one served for three terms.
And if the term is not extended, BCS 12th batch Additional IGP (Administration, Grade-1) Md. Kamrul Ahsan may be appointed as the new IGP.
According to police sources, if the tenure of IGP Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun is extended, it will be the second phase of contractual appointment. Earlier on January 9 last year, his tenure was extended by one-and-a-half years on contractual basis.
Besides the same batch of Additional IGP and Rector of Police Staff College Mallik Fakrul Islam’s name is also in discussion.

Several related officials told Daily Industry that there is no specific tenure for the post of IGP. As per government service rules, officers retire at the age of 59 years. On January 11, 2023, current IGP Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun completes 59 years of age as per government service rules. Later he was appointed on contractual basis for one and a half years keeping in view the Jatiya Sangshadelections. The new IGP is scheduled to take over from July 12 after his tenure ends. However, the current IGP is again being appointed on contractual basis, such discussions are common in the police.
Besides, it is also discussed – someone new may come to the post of IGP. In the meantime, the Ministry of Home Affairs has prepared the files of the current IGP Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun, Additional IGP (Administration) Kamrul Ahsan and Mallick Fakhrul Islam. The files are said to be currently in the Prime Minister’s office.
Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun
Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun was born on January 12, 1964 in Srihail village under Shalla Thana of Sunamganj. He obtained BA (Honours) and MA in Sociology from Chittagong University.
He held important posts as Additional DIG Dhaka Range and DIG (Operations), DIG (Administration), Range DIG Mymensingh Range and Dhaka Range. He was promoted to Additional IGP (HRM). He was also Director General of RAB Forces. Before RAB, he served successfully as CID chief. The current IGP of the police Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun has a good reputation as an honest officer.
Kamrul Ahsan
The most talked about IPG is 12th batch Additional IGP (Administration, Grade-1) Md. Kamrul Ahsan. He was born in 1966 in Imampur village of Matlab Uttar Upazila of Chandpur. Graduated from Mymensingh Agricultural University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from South East University.
Joined BCS (Police) cadre in 1991. After completing basic and practical training, he was posted as Assistant Superintendent of Police of Khagrachari District and served as ASP, ASP DSB, ASP DSB, Hathazari Circle of Chittagong District, ADC of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Additional SP of Feni District.
Besides, he served as Superintendent of Police of Shariatpur, Chittagong and Jessore districts, Additional DIG (Establishment) and Additional DIG (Training) of Police Headquarters and DIG of Railway Range. Moreover, the internationally renowned police officer. Kamrul Ahsan served as a ‘Police Advisor’ to the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Sierra Leone and Sudan.
Kamrul served as the head of the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU), a specialized branch of the police formed to combat militancy and terrorism.
In addition to the honor of serving as the contingent commander of the Sudan Mission, Additional IGP Md Kamrul Ahsan obtained the ‘United Nations Peacekeeping Medal’ in recognition of exemplary service in the missions.
Rector Mallik Fakrul Islam
Additional IGP and Rector of Police Staff College Mallick Fakrul Islam’s nameis in the discussion for the post of IGP. He was born on January 15, 1969 in Bagerhat district. On January 20, 1991, Mallick Fakrul Islam joined the Bangladesh Police as the 12th BCS officer.
He was promoted to the post of Superintendent of Police in 2003 and served as Superintendent of Police in Bhola, Kishoreganj, Sylhet, Feni and DC in Dhaka Metropolitan Police. Besides, he gained fame in the United Nations peacekeeping mission as a commander. After being promoted to the post of Additional DIG, Rab served in 2012. Later he was promoted as DIG in 2014 and worked in Railway Police, Highway Police, City SB and Tourist Police.
An official of the Ministry of Home Affairs, who did not want to reveal his name, said that the news of corruption of former IGP Benazir Ahmed is causing a storm of discussion in the country and abroad. The high command of the government is also worried because of the negative impact on the police. The tenure of the current IGP will end on July 11. Meanwhile, the government’s policy makers are discussing who can be brought in for the post of IGP. Discussions are also going on whether a new IGP will be appointed, or the tenure of the current IGP will be extended again. Policy makers are analyzing carefully who can better deal with the current situation of the police.
According to a source in the Home Ministry, a section of the government’s policy makers wants to re-appoint the current IGP on contractual basis. Its tenure will be six months or one year. But another section of government policy makers wants someone new to come in this position. In this regard, Additional IGP (Administration) Kamrul Ahsan has been put forward.
If the tenure of the current IGP is not extended, it is very clear that Kamrul Ahsan will be the next IGP. Because he belongs to grade-1 rank of 12th batch. Besides, the names of Additional IGP and Rector of Police Staff College Mallick Fakrul Islam of the same batch are also being discussed to become IGP.

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