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Wife accused of murdering husband absconding

Staff Correspondent: Jannatul Ferdous, the wife of former chairman of Popular Life Insurance, Hasan Ahmed, stands accused of orchestrating his murder in a bid to seize his wealth and assets. Allegations suggest she neglected his health, subjected him to mental and physical torment, and ultimately caused his demise.

Despite being named in the charge sheet for Hasan Ahmed’s murder, Jannatul Ferdous has fled, evading law enforcement’s attempts to apprehend her. She currently holds anticipatory bail granted by the High Court, contingent upon her appearance in the lower court by February 3, 2022.

The case, initiated by Kabir Ahmed, Hasan Ahmed’s younger brother, aims to seek justice for the slain chairman. Kabir Ahmed filed the murder case (No. 114/2022) with Paltan Police Station on January 25, 2022, as per the court’s directive.

Eight individuals, including Jannatul Ferdous, her mother, brother, and sister, have been implicated in Hasan Ahmed’s death.

It is alleged that Hasan Ahmed, aged 57, succumbed on January 24, 2022, due to his wife’s negligence in providing proper medical care and subjecting him to relentless abuse.

According to the case statement, when Hasan Ahmed fell ill due to spousal maltreatment and sought medical attention, Jannatul Ferdous forcibly removed him from the hospital against medical advice.

Furthermore, Hasan Ahmed’s family and the Popular Life Insurance authority made concerted efforts to ensure his proper medical treatment, filing a general diary seeking legal support for medical care. They expressed concerns over Hasan Ahmed’s safety in the custody of his wife.

Family sources indicate longstanding marital discord, with Jannatul Ferdous allegedly scheming to seize Hasan Ahmed’s assets from the onset of their union. She purportedly appropriated various properties, including a car, house, cash, and a significant number of shares, under dubious circumstances.

Hasan Ahmed’s brother contends that transfers of shares to Jannatul Ferdous were coerced, citing undue influence exerted upon Hasan Ahmed. Moreover, allegations suggest misappropriation of substantial sums from various accounts and property sales.

The CEO of Popular Life Insurance, BM Yusuf Ali, and Company Secretary Mustafa Helal Kabir assert the company’s commitment to Hasan Ahmed’s welfare, noting financial provisions made for his treatment. They claim repeated attempts to engage Hasan Ahmed’s wife and family were unsuccessful.

As the search for Jannatul Ferdous continues, the case unfolds amidst a backdrop of familial tragedy and financial intrigue, leaving authorities and the public alike eager for resolution.

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