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Bangladesh - Health - October 29, 2022

Winter vegetables start appearing

Prices still high

Golam Mostafa Jibon: Though, various varieties of vegetables have started appearing in the markets with the advent of winter season, buyers can’t buy their chosen vegetables as per their will due to high prices.
They complained that, vegetables are available in the market, but most of the consumers have lost their affordability to purchase the chosen ones due to high prices as well as reduction of incomes drastically. As a result, appearance of winter vegetables has not brought smiling on the faces of low and middle class people, market sources said. During a spot visit to different markets in the capital including Karwan Bazar, this correspondent came to know that, most of the vegetable prices have remained unchanged even after huge appearance. But, sellers assuring that the prices of various varieties of vegetables may decrease by Tk 10 to Tk 30 per Kg within next week, if the emergence flow remains continuous.
In some cases, the pricesmay be reduced by a maximum of Tk 50 to Tk 60 per kg. The supply of winter vegetables is increasing in the markets of the capital, due to which the prices will start to fall shortly.
Winter is the best time for vegetables and fruits in Bangladesh. Vegetables have also started arriving in the market, but the prices are much higher than that. Prices vary by market:
A Kg of potato is now being sold at Tk 25in Karwan market. But, the price is high at some other markets depending on location and transportation capacity.
In Motijheel, Malibagh and other markets, the product was seen to be sold at a slightly higher price than this.
A vegetable vendor of Motijheel area said, “The prices of different types of vegetables are little high here compared to other places due to varieties of destinations. We are selling different types of goods at a higher price of Tk 2 to Tk 3 per Kg.
Price of onion, ginger and garlic
A kg of local onion is being sold at Tk 55 after increasing Tk 5 compared tothe last week. And a kg of Indian onion is being sold at Tk 50 against the previous price at Tk 45.
Ginger is being sold between Tk 90 and Tk 180 and garlic between Tk 80 and Tk 110 depending on the quality.
Dissatisfaction over high prices:
Dissatisfactory is prevailing among the buyers over the unbridled price hikes of winter vegetables. They complained that, lack of proper market monitoring is the main reason behind the abnormal price hike of all commodities and vegetables even after huge arrivals. There is no shortage of supply, but prices are high. Consequently, many consumers are being deprived of the opportunities to buy fresh vegetables within their affordability.
The prices of cabbage and cauliflower, known as winter vegetables, are too high. Each cauliflower is being sold in the market for Tk 60, weighing not more than half of a kg. On the other hand, cabbageis being sold between Tk 30 and Tk 40 each.
Apart from this, Chinese carrot is being sold at Tk 140 per kg which is Tk 20 higher than before. Tomato is being sold between Tk 120 and Tk 160.
Buyer Ashraful Islam expressed his dissatisfaction and said, “The prices of most vegetables are above Tk 50 even in winter. Now it is not that the vegetables are not coming. Look around the market, everywhere of the market is filled up with vegetables. But, prices are still too high. Farmers do not get such a high price. Only for middlemen, the prices are on the rise everyday. The government should increase surveillance in this regard that, who are behind such price hike during the beginning of winter.”
A.H.M. Shafiquzzaman, Director General (Additional Secretary) of Directorate of National Consumers’ Right Protection under the Ministry of Commerce said, “Many farmers are now cultivating advance quality of vegetables with the aim to earn good profit. But, most of the farmers are being deprived of getting fair prices due to interference of the middlemen. Though, the buyers pay higher prices, the producers get lower prices than the right ones. On the other hand, many people can’t buy the required vegetables even after huge appearance due to lack of affordability lost centering global economic turmoil.”

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